Hate my hubby s ex

I hate my husbands ex gf..she is such a s*** sometimesw i wonder how such a decent guy like ma hubby dated her for some 7 years..she cheated on him several times n slept with a dozen others ...i just cant stand her ugly face n i just don want our paths to cross...but somehow our paths always cross n now she is planning to marry a guy from my church which means ill see her in my church..why does life have to be this way .. y cant she live her life away from me n ma hubby ...why does she alwzys cross our path..why does god put me in such a place...i dont want to hate her as much as i do now.. i jus wanna live ma own happy life but somehow the ugly b**** always shows up..

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  • I would respect your post more if you were able to spell simple words.

  • I agree

  • God puts you there to teach you tolerance and patience. Or to teach you to deal with awkward, uncomfortable situations. Or to have your serve as his sword and spear, to strike down that w**** of Babylon in righteous indignation and with a mighty blow, cleanly removing her head from her torso with your one hand and repeatedly driving your spear through her cold, dead, bloodless heart with the other. Yes, God is not always the New Testament God, offering love and forgiveness: sometimes, he's the Old Testament God, wreaking havoc and exacting vengeance. Pray about it, and if you feel so led, wreak some m************ havoc and exact some G****** vengeance, and get that miserable b**** out of your life. And enjoy!

  • There is no god. Religion is the biggest scam.

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