Married for looks

I married my wife because she was so hot and I knew there was no way I should even have a shot with her let alone a relationship. For some reason she really loved me and wanted to marry me. I didn't want to lose her because I LOVED her body, her face, her b******, everything. Being with her made me feel so good, touching her at any opportunity made me crazy. She was so perfect, but ultimately we have nothing in common. That was 10 years ago. Now we have two kids and that body I was obsessed with is gone. Her hip bones used to jut out like a supermodel and her stomach was so tight. She has put on like 25-30 lbs at least. I can't even feel her hip bones if I try and she is just flab everywhere. I get so mad at her sometimes for letting herself go even though i know having kids can do that and it's not her fault. She's such a good person I would never say anything but the reason I fell in love with her is gone. I feel trapped sometimes but I know it is my fault for being so superficial. She still loves me so much and I wish I could feel that way about her but can't. Lately I feel myself looking longer at other women and fantacising about having s** with a hot woman again. I just can't accept that I will never have amazing hot s** again when it used to be so mind blowing. I have even been thinking about my ex girlfriend who was not even remotely attractive but who was my best friend at the time. I left her for my wife and I wonder if that was the biggest mistake of my up a quality relationship for beauty now seems so foolish.


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  • You should leave her for someone younger and hotter. At a biological level your kids will have the DNA of someone who is hot until they have kids so good for you. But you should also diversify and spread your seed out a bit. It's not fair to you to be deprived if hot s** for the rest of your life. We are all here to make babies and try to have the most attractive ones possible. If it feels good and you can land someone younger and hotter and knock them up too all the better. Good luck to you

  • You deserve it.

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