I like a girl who's still in high school

There is this girl who lives a few streets away from me, she's cute, nice, and we both have a great time around each other. but i am feeling really positive when i get near her, i don't mean that i want to sleep with her, that's the farthest thing from my mind, but i still can't shake the feeling that i have a thing for her.

but the big issue is that she's in high school and i am in college! i am two years out of high school and she's just started high school. and by law being 20 means that i can't date her or even mention that i like her, other wise i can be labeled a pedophile.

the worst part is i think she likes me too because her neighbor who's my best friend and acts like her big brother tells me that she really enjoys being around me, so it's like being smacked in the face. i find a girl who likes me for who i am and i can't even date her or go out with her! and the worst part is i can't tell anybody i know.

is there something wrong with me?

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  • Theres nothing illegal about dating the girl. its just s** thats off the table. if you think you can keep your hands to yourself and your d*** out of her inviting orifices then you can certainly be friends and see where it goes. waiting for her to turn legal will be a verrrrrrry long wait but if what you feel is something strong it may be worth waiting. talk to her and see if theres anything between you as friends and then make a decision later about whether or not you will be able to hold out till shes legal. just dont put yourself in a position where your testing your willpower because if thats the case youll lose and then youll go to jail. dont do that.

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