Me And My Cousin(s)... I Want To Die For This

I don't want to even explain this. I just want to die already. I would never commit suicide, thats awful, I don't even know how people do it, but I want to just randomly get killed, I really literally want someone to just shoot me on my way school, or i wish I could just randomly die in my sleep. I have feelings for my cousin, the worst part, I'm a girl, she's a girl, (i was raised religious, gays are not okay and i agree) and she's younger then me, i don't even know what to do or what to say about this, i wanna get it off my cheat but i don't want to destroy my life, and omg, I'm responsible for whatever she's gonna feel when she gets older, I ruined her life pretty much, i wish i could just die without it hurting my mom or other family members. I need help but ill never seek it.

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  • Don't go out and get yourself killed because you might be gay.
    Go out and get yourself killed because you're a religitard.

  • Nothing is wrong with you. You have'nt ruin anyone's life. Forget about family or religion. You'll grow up to be a wonderful woman. Gay or not. And will have a wonderful life. Gay or not. Don't hurt you're self.

  • Hun, being gay is perfectly alright. (: After all, it is Jesus who was hanging out with the gays and who forgave them! Nothing is wrong with you and you haven't ruined anyone's life. You'll find someone else to fall for, trust me. (: Lots of love! <3 -Random Guy on the Internet.

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