Can't stand her anymore!

She's been my best friend since we were 5, and we are almost 20. I think we've reached the point were we've become two totally different people. I feel like we were close when we were kids because we didn't know who we were, we were just some girls. Now I don't even remember what brought us together in the first place, and I can't go on like this. She's never been the type to give advice or anything, but now I feel like she doesn't even care. Whenever something is up with her, she would call me and I would talk to her or hang out with her just so that she could get better, but she's never done the same for me. I'm nice to her, I try to be there for her, and I am, but she's just taking it too far, and whenever she's angry or having a bad day, she bashes me and treats me like s***. She's made me cry a lot of times, and I feel like I don't deserve it. She tells me I'm stupid and she gets all snobbish and acts as if she was better than me.
I really can't stand her anymore, I don't want to see her again. I don't to keep ruining memories from our childhood together. What should I do? I really want to move on.

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  • Just because you've known someone for a long time doesn't make them a good friend. Why we're friends with someone at age 5 doesn't always translate to when we're older. People change. If you're looking for an easy way to weed out of the friendship, you can just do this gradually by staying busy and not making plans with her. You two will eventually grow apart. But then she'll never know why and you don't have closure.

    It may be a good idea to say something, call her on her s***. This doesn't have to be a confrontation. She sounds incredibly insecure. If you've never said anything, she doesn't know anything is wrong. She probably thinks it's okay to treat you this way..(and it's not)

    Whether you choose to walk away or stay friends, the way she treats you changes now. Stand up for yourself and let her know that the way she treats you is unacceptable. Friends should build each other up, not tear each other down. Even if she doesn't get it or doesn't've said your peace.

    As for her giving advice, some people don't know how. We all take on roles as a friend. She just may not be the friend you go to when you have a problem. Another thing to consider, she may have a mental illness that has never been diagnosed..just saying some of her traits may not be within her control. But you have every right to end the friendship if you choose.

  • Well, thank you for taking your time to comment. Yours is a reply that I'd never thought someone would give on the Internet. And yes, I think you're right, knowing her for a long time doesn't make her a good friend.

    I talked to her last night and told her that I can't take her s*** anymore, and that she has not been there for me as a friend. I made sure she understood that I needed a "break", and her response was that it was "okay". It took me years to realize that I didn't deserve to be treated that way.

    Does she really sound insecure? She's always telling me that she's the best and is always bragging about her grades.

    Thank you for your response, it was really helpful, and very reasonable.

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