Perv I guess

When I drop my kid off at school, I get aroused at all of the school girls wearing such short shorts and tight fitting clothes. I think 12-14 is the sexiest age for a young girl... from head to perfect toes, they are amazingly sexy. The age of consent should be lowered. They flirt, they have their cycle, they are sexual, they know what they want. Why not make it legal so it can happen and not ruin lives?

Moms and dads: I guess I'm the kind of guy that gives you reason to worry about what your daughter wears to school. Yes, I'm looking. She's sexy. I've imagined doing so many things to her to make her feel sexually amazing. If you can imagine it, I have already done it in my mid with her, except several degrees more intensely.


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  • The reason the human species is so $crewed is because our s3xual systems go online years before our brains are fully developed. Take a good look around, it really shows.

  • Good My fantasy is to put concrete shoes on you with a light push into the Hudson River :)

  • You should kill yourself.......slowly and painfully

  • I know you people like to make stupid comments because in reality it's you who is slowly and painfully dying deep in your soul because of so called societal norms that have perverted your thinking and have taken away your right to normal human sexuality, while this guy has the power and courage to speak his mind and feelings in the face of societal opposition, and that just burns you up deep inside! grow up a little before you start making silly ass comments.....

  • For the idiots that said "reported for pedo" and "child rape," you're just stupid. He just said it was in his mind. What, are you the thought police now? F****** retards.

  • I agree these little girls go around with tight trousers and short this and that, i was in mcdz yesterday and place was full of them. tight fabric trousers which show off a curvy ass wtf, i dont know how these parents let their children do this.... their the sick one if you ask me. if they didn't sexualize themselves there would be less guys doing/thinking this stuff..... its basic instinct because the body wants to reproduce and it senses a healthy young girl, it doesn't want old/unhealthy.... this is why, it want to reproduce with the best XD

  • Reported for pedophilia.

  • Sick f***. What you are thinking about is called child rape.

  • Hey dumb ass, it's not child rape at all, it's a thought! called fantasy!! which are not actions! however uncontrolled thoughts and fantasy can lead to actions then it would be called actual child rape.... your comment makes no sense at all.

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