Hot young children at work

I work in a nursery with young children. I work with a gorgeous, sexy three year old girl and i tell you, her ass is amazing for a kid. I would love to f*** her little, sexy ass



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  • U dirty filthy scumbag b******. 5 mins alone with you and you would never look at a child in that way again.

    You and people like you need to be exterminated

  • In Africa we deal with s*** like you, like this. we put an old car tire around your body pinning your arms. pour gas on you and set your peado ass on fire

  • Your a sick f***, tell me where you live, i will end it quick for you.

  • Pedophiles should be executed that's you, you piece of crap!

  • Olny if i die cumin into baby girl

  • It feels good in their ass

  • Train for 1yr

  • I hope all of you nasty f**** get put behind bars and the other prisoners rip you to shreds.

  • I wish i can have my naughty lil toddler neice layla visit my cell mmmm want her poseing like lil girl dose to make the right mindrd pedos from wing drooling over bein in same room pervin all over every girl i would defo get my neice and me arrested for indeasent exsposer of a underage toddlers bear bubble butt and tiny bald c***

  • Such nice tight a******* at 3, can't go too deep but man it's good f******, fingers in her c*** at the same time

  • So hot someone mail me and lets chat! Hornywoburn80 g. Mail

  • Your email doesn't work

  • Ur job is amazing. You get paid to watch little girls and befriend them to ur sexual orientation of what most can only dream about. 👍 my friends daughter who is 10 now. Fit as f*** I absolutely loved it when she was young she acts like she doesn’t remember now so every chance I get now when I am at my friends house I go straight to her knickers and heels and c** all over them. I bought her the first pink thong 🤫 they never been washed 😉5 years they her favourite ones she loves to show me all the c** stains inside them from other men’s c**** she has just taken. Proper s*** 💯

  • PAID??? I babysit for free AND feed them!

  • At 10 she needs that c** in her sweet little p****

  • I was just jerkin off and wishing i was a kindergarten teacher at an all girl school

  • So you know how i feel. How old were they?

  • My cousins were 2 and 4 when I started them, nice soft p***** lovely warm mouths

  • Then the girls could do that for you, nice warm soft toddler hands

  • U f***** sick nonce perverted baby girl pedo c***

  • Think you need castrated

  • Your sick

  • What you waiting for ?

  • What are you waiting for? She has to start some time.

  • Old enough to pee shes old enough for me

  • Babies xxx

  • Ass f*** her for me too, love to see her hairless kiddy p****

  • Mate, i am telling you, it curves out and when she sits on my lap, i just want to f*** her ass

  • Love my 2yr neice LAYLA she a pedo mans dream soo is due a squirting deep up her with stringy lacey pedo c** juice for only ypungest girls if is wrong y feel so sexy i have loads of clothing i have stole from toddlers and girls upto 9yr and love finding used dummies shoes ect throne out of pram and left for pedo me hunt for and f*** in public

  • C*** in her ass,hand in her knickers fingering her tight young p****

  • Kids tiny bum bum looks like a 3yr bubble butt girl mmmmm drool to

  • I love changing the nappies of the hot girls at work

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm baby p****

  • Mmmmmmmm lil babies with pedo

  • When i change the nappies, i take that little longer at the p**** area

  • I love f****** used nsppies and ones blatenly left out for noncey pedo meb to use and grone and moan and grunt over stranger babie gitls pee pee and s*** fuckong mmm f*** i should not love baby girl bent over public park baby swing bouncing shaking her lush pedo atratting bubble bum perkulating

  • Nice, I miss my girls being babies or should I say I miss their p*****

  • I miss cumin inside therw lovein tinublegs and watchong my sick gay sissy pedo stringy c** blasts dribbling down her c***

  • I think you are in the wrong job.

  • I think he has the perfect job

  • If you are a perv

  • Just like every man if u dont like young lil cute nursary school girls u aint right lil girls ment to get came ove and inside dayly bent over playground kids picnik bench they so close to floor and pumping layla in tiny bubble butt on her very tiny school chaire mmm made for pedos and i visit any school under middle for used toys to pre c** over all baby c**** grabbed so much kids lol finger prints to cover my c*** throbbing out of my control soaking all that hand oil

  • Mmmm that's me, love that sumptuous young p****

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