The trouble is... he's only 17 and I'm 47.

I think he knows it and I think he likes it...

If I wait until he's 18, is it still wrong ?

Oct 7, 2012

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  • I'd say go ahead and do it. I was barely 20, and had a 49 year old office woman take to me, telling me she wanted me to fk her. Was one of the highlights of my college days. She was hot as h***, too..

  • I saw a teacher f*** a 15 year old guy she was at least 47 and they got married so id say go ahead

  • At 17, he's old enough to be married, so go ahead.

  • Youd be stupid to wait til hes 18. somebody else might get him first.

  • Do you really have to ask? of course its not wrong. f*** him and dont just do it once. start a affair with him and let him know how exciting it is to be f****** an older married woman. not many of us get the chance you have and you owe it to us to open your legs and wrap them around the kid and f*** him for us. f*** him.

  • your wasting time. go get on that young c***.

  • Make him grow..

  • Legal is legal. If he's of age in our state and you are not his teacher, then nothing wrong with taking is sperm.

  • No guy of 17 or 18 will mind if a mature woman such as yourself drops to her knees and sucks the living daylights out of his p****. I say stop wetting your panties teasing yourself, and ask him to f*** you. If you dont you will be regretting not for the rest of your life. The added bonus will be, his ability to c** up inside you without fear of pregnancy. Cashback ;) DO IT.

  • He's right. Your boy will not say no, so there's no risk or embarrassment in asking, or in INSISTING that he f*** you. But the main reason for doing it is regret: if you pass on this chance, imagine how you'll feel if you find out later that he's started hooking it up with another woman your age.......or older. You will regret THAT s*** for the rest of your life. As in "forever". The only thing worse would be if one of your other married girlfriends steps into the void left by your absence, and he starts f****** her brains out.....when it could of been you. Stop delaying, and get to f******. Stop worrying about how young he is, and start LOVING how young he is.

  • 17 is no trouble at all, he's a young man and he's old enough to have a relationship with a woman your age, the only problem I see is the law in your area and the majority of people who may look down upon such a relationship but if you two agree and want to be together romanticly or sexually then that is your business and no one should keep you from forming some kind of relationship.... I say go for it.

  • It might be legal depending on where you live, but I'm pretty sure a 17 year old knows what he is getting himself into and you're not going to force it on him I'm sure ;)

    So maybe make a move and see what happens, you might just be pleasantly surprised hehe

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