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I confessed to my husband that I had an affair with A clerk at a 7/11. Since then he has taken my all of my rings and given them away to women friends of his. He then presented me with a cheap adjustable ring like you find in vending machines. He also has thrown away all of my makeup, panty hose and heels. I think he is kind of over reacting as I confessed to him to make things right!

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  • Well I have just read numerous Postings from People that have been cheated on. From what I have read, your Husband went pretty easy on you. If you know you messed up and want to make things right he will give you a chance?

  • W****

  • I don't tell my wife that I have cheated because I know that her reaction would be a bit over the top (rightfully) on the flip side, as long as the relationship isn't suffering from the side s**, I would rather not know if she has cheated either. The funny thing with deniability is that it can sometimes be the only irrational thought that can help people behave rationally.

  • His behavior is extreme? For thousands of years adultry was punishable by death. That being said, I think you two need to divorce. He may never forgive you, and he shouldn't be expected to. There is also no reason to think that by admitting what you did it makes it less horrible. People confess cheating to get it off of their chest, to selfishly make themselves feel better and hurting the other person instead. Besides, if you are such a s*** you'd do some clerk you met after getting gas, you aren't going to be faithful in the future either.

  • I guess here you don't believe in second chances? I do not feel as though I am a s*** either!

  • If I were in his place, we'd be getting a divorce.

  • And you blame him? You told him to clear your conscience, not to benefit him, but yourself. He could have gone his whole life not knowing, and you could have simply stopped cheating on him. Instead, yo decided to take a s*** on his self-esteem so you could feel better about yourself. Don't try to make yourself seem like the good guy. Get real.

  • Who the heck cheats with a 7/11 clerk ? Jesus, girl, you need to set your sights higher than that next time.

  • He's trying to degrade you since he feels degraded, then control you. Although that maybe that's his reaction an normally people might want to do that but don't act on it, it's not rational to act it out. Tell him you understand he's hurt but don't let him keep doing this as he will never get over or forgive you. Your allowing him to continue with this behaviour and basically telling him it's ok and you deserve it. Don't let him, you made a mistake and you fessed up its not fair that he continues to punish you like this and you don't deserve to be punished even though you might feel guilty for having the affair. No one deserves that.

  • No doubt he's hurt, but his behavior seems extreme. He's trying to hurt you or control guys need to talk to see if he can forgive and move forward or just realize that maybe you should end the relationship. You both can't continue to live like this. Hope you two don't have kids, that would be cruel to witness.

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