Spanked by my sister and her friends

Over the weekend I was taking some pictures. I came inside and set my camera down on the coffee table in the living room. I went into the kitchen and it was just sitting there. My sister came in with two friends and sat on the sofa. After I got a drink I came in to pick it up and my sister's friend Janet grabbed for the camera. I got it first and started to walk off with it. Janet accused me of leaving it there to spy on them. I told her to p*** off and went upstairs.

We had a long weekend so there was no school yesterday. Our parents were at work and when we're here alone, we're not allowed to have friends over. I took a shower and headed into my room (wearing a bathrobe) and when I opened the door, my sister and her two friends were in there already. My sister closed the door as I walked in. Janet grabbed at my robe and pulled me over to the bed while her other friend Stacy grabbed my arm and bent my arm up behind my back. Janet said "You were trying to get pictures up my skirt, weren't you? Admit it and we might not beat you up." I said I wasn't and tried to point out that the camera wasn't even on. She didn't care.

My sister pushed me towards her and with Stacy holding my arm and the robe, I fell and landed on the bed. I heard the girls laugh, then my sister raised up the back of my robe and gave me a hard smack on the bottom. Then another. Then Janet joined in and the two of them spanked me, each on one cheek, for a minute or two before letting me stand up. I pulled the robe around me and told them to get out.

This morning my sister told me they're planning to spank me "properly" some day when I least expect it. I don't know what to do - do I let them?

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  • Didn't you enjoy you spanking? By three girls? Seriously? Wow, that sounds great! Invite the two of them over more often, and let us know if you get a 'proper' spanking! ...And how often you get one.

  • I'm new here & I love you all. I'm a shy black guy & after I moved to my new apartment,. I met this really nice girl who visits me about once a week. She just finished high school & all she talks about is her stepsister who is so naughty, wearing short dresses & bending over when ever I'm talking to her sister. So my friend suggested we give stepsis a spanking but it's not easy so I started to compliment stepsis on having such a big butt.Then I warned her that if she bends over again, I would give her a spanking..a few days later I ran into her in the hallway & after a big hug she bent over touching her toes so I brought her to my apartment and after taking a seat at the kitchen table, stepsis let me slap her big butt afew times. After that, I dragged my tounge across her b******* afew times before I took her back to her big sister. And ever since then me & stepsis are really good friends... now she visits me just to get her butt kissed & she offers me a really good handjob..I never had a really good handjob until I met stepsis & she doesn't mind a spanking first. She was so excited she told her sister everything & I thought she would be mad but she wasn't. When stepsis invited me to spend the night we had lots of fun. After I met Ms Sandy,the stepmom, she went back to her room so I could give stepsis a spanking, & when I finished, her big sister gave me the best handjob ever.... slowly stroking my erection until it was swollen....then I had to pull my pants up before her mom came by to check on us .

  • I spanked my little sister and her friend for looking through my laptop. I did it through their panties and let me tell you her friend's cute little @as wrapped tightly in lace and satin panties got me so excited. She was excited too, she shows off what panties she's wearing when sis isn't around and I couldn't help myself. Now she won't leave me alone...

  • Is she also acting out to get you to spank her again? She clearly enjoyed the experience. Spankings I've received were both horrible and wonderful.

  • L need friends like that.

  • Enjoy getting spanked otk I would love to spank them otk knickers down

  • Yes! Let each of them put you over their knee.

  • Take it as discipline and an earned spanking and enjoy it

  • Most certainly, I would love to have that happen to me.

  • Me too

  • Yep, me too. I wish we knew whatever happened to OP.

  • I would love to get spanked by 2 or more girls.

  • YES, let them spank you.....back and front if they wish...let them control you and you will LOVE it..even if yous sister isn't there, her friends should be in with it,

  • U should spank your sister wait when your parents arnt home and then bend her over and span her was red bare of course see how she likes it

  • I love to spank your sister I have spank my daughter and sister at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales 56 they enjoy so much I repeat often . I get hard they get wet every time

  • Yes my parents left me in charge of my sister last weej end and she acted up as soon as they left. It was day after they left and sevral warnings that i text my mom and she said to spank her bare bottom and to tell her she will be spanked by bought my parents sunday evening before bed. She was in shock and did put up a struggle. But shes only eleven and i got her over my lap and took off her shorts and panties and spanked her for ages and then finished her spanking with 11 wacks of moms hairbrush Like mom does and sent her to bed..

  • Lol! I would spank u ass

  • The girls have already spanked you so the humiliation thing should be not as bad nect time.Yes submit to the spankings and you will learn to appreciate and love them

  • Report them to the police

  • There are some more sisters who spank here at

  • If I were one of them, I'd spank your ass cherry red!

  • Mmmmmm

  • I say you should have s** with her friends

  • If her friends r hot try to do it... see what happens

  • Fuckherhard

  • You should put your sisters panties on then let her catch you 'by accident' and see what happens!

  • Your an idiot

  • THANKS could not say it better it is made up

  • I don't think it made up as I enjoy same often

  • My sister spanked me growing up too, so I can imagine this happening.

  • I still spank my sister Angela she enjoys it so do I .me and sister find life lots more fun now the old man Gerard is cremated this June 2019.

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