My sister in law.

My wife and I were staying with her sister who had just divorced at age 24. I was 28 at the time. In the morning I went to take a shower and had just undressed and was naked with a partial morning erection, when my sister in law opened the bathroom door, walked in and said "I brought you a cup of coffee." I was was surprised and said "I'm naked." She looked me up and down , smiled and said, "I know I've always want to see my handsome brother in law naked," and handed me the cup of coffee. I took a drink thanked her and said, "I need to take my shower." As I turned to get in the shower she patted my bare bottom. My wife was downstairs so she didn't know what was happening. Every morning for the next three days she brought me coffee and saw me naked. I enjoyed the attention and was always aroused so she got a big show. The last morning before we left to go home, she brought the coffee, and as I took a drink, she opened her robe and let me see her naked. She had a gorgeous body and I got a full erection. She smiled and said, "You like seeing me, don't you?" When we left to go home she hugged, me, kissed me and said, "It was really good to see you, and can't wait to see you again," with an emphasis on the word see. I said, "It was good to see you too." Everytime we visited her she would bring a cup of coffee to the bathroom and I would always make sure I was naked. She would always open her robe and let me see her naked. It was a fun, innocent game and never went beyond looking. Sadly the game ended when she married again and moved across the country.

29 days

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  • That’s so sad. She wanted you. She needed you and you failed

  • Clearly wanted to f*** you but you were smart not to.

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