Straight but received and gave oral with a guy

I was out of town on business staying in a nice hotel. I sat at the bar and got pretty drunk one night. One of the bartenders was a slightly younger guy that I had thought might be gay but being straight I wasn't interested. I had enough and went to my room. Once I got there and undressed and I wanted another drink so I ordered room service. I had no business because I was already blitzed. Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door so I put on the robe the hotel provided and opened the door. It was the gay bartender. He politely asked if he could come in and pushed the cart through the door and handed me the bill to sign. I signed it and gave him a really nice tip. Without looking at the bill, he said thanks and left the room. Twenty seconds later there was another knock on the door and I opened it thinking he forgot something. I ask if I can help him and he said he wanted to thank me for the tip. I said no problem and he walked into my room past me. I was caught off guard and didn't know what to say. He says, can I thank you with a no strings b******. I was floored because I am straight. He could tell I wasnt interested or surprised and immediately followed by saying I could close my eyes and no one would ever know. Just then I dropped my robe and sat on the couch and this guy started giving me the best oral s** of my life. As he did he was undressing himself too and started j**********. His p**** was big. When he finished he started to get dressed but I stopped him and sucked his d*** too. At the time I thought I was liking it but I have since decided I don't. I would let a guy suck me again though. It was great.

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  • Yummy! That was a delicious little fling you had. If you go back to that town for work again, you really MUST stay at his hotel again, and hook it up with him again. And you need to start having those little flings with men where you live. I can tell you first-hand that gay guys LOVE married men. All of us love you!

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