I cheat a lot

I cheat a lot of my boyfriend. I would say I don't want to do it, that I love him. And I do love him. But I love the act of cheating. There is something so f****** hot about it that I get so turned on about it, that the when a chance comes up I take it.

There probably isn't a time I go out with the "girls" that I don't end up going home with some guy from the bar. I have my repeat offenders, guys I go back to regularly but there is nothing like a new conquest. When a guy thinks he is smooth enough to pick up a girl in a relationship, who is "about to get married" is a line I use a lot.

I'll say that, drop my fiance, and most the times guys try even harder to get some. And then I end up going back with them. Guys f*** so much harder when they are f****** someone else's girl. THey have to out perform the other guy, and it is some of the best s** in the world.

I love my boyfriend, but I'm never going to stop cheating. I know I'm a bad person and should break up with him before I break his heart. But something about cheating is just far too fantastic for me.

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  • Consider what you're into, and go from there. It's not wrong to do that, there's actually a term for it, "polyamorous". I have a friend who dates multiple guys at a time and it's all out in the open. As long as you're up front and honest about what you want and what you like, then what's the problem? you're totally allowed to get strange and lie to get laid if that's your thing, just be safe and make sure that your boyfriend-figure knows that it's going on. If lying ot him about it is part of the thrill, then just tell him once right off the bat that that's what up, and go back to doing it the way you were all along. If he breaks up with you, then honestly, that's ok. You're not the person you're pretending to be with him right now, and you shouldn't waste your time or his.

  • Then you should keep cheating on him and let other guyss f*** u while he waits for u at home

  • No you're not a bad person. There isn't much that's sexier than knowing your boyfriend is at home while you're out with another man inside you. I love going home and give my boyfriend a big sloppy kiss. Can I make two suggestions, if you haven't already done both? Go black and bare back. It's life altering. Trust me you'll love it. I'm currently on birth control because I'm not yet ready to end my daddy's bloodline. I'm going to wait for my body and looks to slip a bit. Anyway there is no better o***** than getting your p**** eaten by your boyfriend 30 minutes after having a big black c*** creampie you. These feelings are completely normal. In the animal kingdom every female wants the alpha male. Yeah you deeply care for the nice, caring white boys but we all want bigger, stronger, faster, more superior men.

  • I'm sure you are definitely not a black guy that gets no p****.

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