When me and this girl i had just met named Nicki, finally got back to the hotel we agreed to get ready to have some no strings s**. When we finally got into bed she said she had put some lotion on her massive DD b******. So after i f***** her hard,i was playing on her b**** with my f****** massive p****. And then something felt really sticky so i just rest on her b****** and ask her if the lotion was really sticky... She agreed then I tried to remove my p**** from her b**** but they wouldn't come out. So i say that i couldn't remove it and then she looks at the lotion which was next to the superglue, and realizes she used the superglue instead of the lotion!!! So i just keep bouncing on her b**** so hard until i got bored and then she called her friend over to remove the solvent... When her friends arrives, shes wearing almost NOTHING... So when she finished she joins in, but then the maid comes in!!! It was so embarrasing until the maid strips down and im having the best time of my life. Until the manager comes down to see why the maid wasn't working and HE was freaking out and was about to kick us all out until i ask hi if hhe would help me f*** these 3 babes. So that was honestly the best time of my life.

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  • Haha how gay

  • This really cheered me up. It made me realize that I can make fake stories at least three times as good as this one. :D

  • What a d******* you are.

  • Your Fantasy Is Gay..

  • Superglue on hand in a hotel room? Grow the f*** up.

  • Fake but what evermakes you feel good

  • Whatever!!!

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