Wifes' stretched body turns me off

I am a forty-something, fairly successful, married man of 20 yrs. i love my wife dearly and am struggling with an affair with a woman younger than our oldest daughter. This woman is just over twenty, i did'nt think it would be anything but a little fling, but i now want her all the time, and find myself increasingly more unattracted to my wife. i feel horrible that i feel this way, but her belly just hangs over her lower pelvic region covered in stretchmarks, as well her b****** sag down i understand she bore seven beautiful chidren of mine, but i'm just not into her anymore and i am having great s** with the new one. i just feel guilty to leave am i bad?..how do i break it to my wife?

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  • Mid-40's I went through the same thing. Met a younger woman through work, she was 26. Long story - short, we are at a function, drinks began flirting, etc. We hook up at a motel two weeks later, she undresses and the last thought through my mind is my kids, but its not enough to stop me and she BLOWS my mind. The s** is incredible! I didn't think my b**** could hold that much! We meet once more and during s** she says she wants to have my baby. We never used protection and I UNLOAD in her. Afterwards, it hits me that I'm throwing away my life for these moments, and what about a few years form now when I'm slowing down and she's hitting her sexual peak? I got my self a transfer and broke it off. She tried to contact me but I told her I just wasn't going to leave my wife and kids. She stopped texting and calling after awhile. I'm SO relieved I didn't knock her up or 'catch' anything. IF you have ANY feelings for your wife...end it!

  • Yes, what you are doing is bad, and yes you should feel guilty. The fact that you are even asking is mind-boggling, if you didn't know it was bad and that you should feel guilty, you won't be posting it anonymously on a confessions website. Grow a pair, tell your wife the truth, and work it out with her. Divorce, counselling, plastic surgery, whatever.

  • No, you aren't bad, and no, you should DEFINITELY NOT tell your wife ANYTHING about the girlfriend. Not EVER. And don't allow guilt to guide your actions on that score: just don't ever let the wife know. The affair won't last forever, so just enjoy the young girl for as long as you possibly can, or until she finds someone who will marry her, and then go get another on-the-side girl. Believe me, there are more than enough out there, and some even PREFER married men. Affairs are wonderful, wonderful things, especially for guys our age, and you should have as many, and as often, and as intense as possible. S** is about enjoyment, so enjoy it every chance you get!

  • Hey bud i go thru same thing my wifes all stretched, sagging and looser than a goose shes had 5 kids but dont get emotional with the tighty just enjoy her lil p**** lick it f*** it then forget about it for another week or so just have a treat once a week cuz u gotta have some young chicks i just get a h***** 2 or 3.times a month for pleasure and wife for breeding and i am a happy man!

  • If you're so successful, why not offer your wife to pay for a tummy tuck, breast lift, and any other augmentation you/she wants?

  • I feel for you man, but if you get emotionally attached to your affair, you gotta drop your wife. I think you cheated for the wrong reason. You cheated for an emotional affair and found s** in the meantime. If you are looking for the emotional connection, you should have left your wife BEFORE seeking someone out. If it was purely sexual, you wouldn't have anything worth confessing and you wouldn't want to leave your wife.

  • Your are a scum bag low life puke s*** box what wrong with think about what u are saying think when u get old u be by self like the pig u r
    Low life

  • Bad? Uh..that's a kind description. She bore 7 children? You'd have stretch marks too. What do you think happens to a woman's body when you give birth to children? and age? And what you're perfect? You're not bald with a belly? These stories keep on happening.. men get bored with their partners because they're going through some mid life crisis or they're just totally insecure and think something younger is going to fix it. What's funny, is that you think that 20 year old won't tire of you. She's going to realize that she's wants someone younger, richer and without children and leave you. You should definitely tell your wife that you want a divorce. Just say you're a giant piece of s***..she probably already knows but stays with you because of the 7 mouths she has to care for. Give her the house and all the money and then let her move on from you. She can get surgery to remove the excess skin and find a real man. Clearly you aren't.

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