Im in love with a married man

When I was 18 I started to work at a restutant where I met my first love who happened to be my manager. I knew he was married and had a couole of kids. At first I had no feelings for him at all but as months passed by I began to get a little crush on him. Soon after he got my number and we would text untill one day he asked me to be his gf. At first I said no because I knew he was married but in the end I gave in and said yes. Soon after we went out on a date ans got a motel room just to be safe from people that we may know. That was the first time we had ** it was so amazing ans the rush I got from it was amazing everytime I think of it I get these exploding ** and we get a room on a regular basis to have ** and he eats my ** so ** good I can't even explain. But aside from all of that I do feel guilty because he's married and has a family. I try to leave belive me but I find it so hard to walk away.. any advice?

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I **

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  • What did his wife and kids ever do to you?(think about them) If it comes out, you're gonna be the **...just be ready!

  • To me this sounds like he is using you, you are both at work which makes it easier. You say this is your first love, but there will be many more. Tell him to confess to his wife, if he truly loves you he will do it, but it might take him some time. If he doesn't then you're just his dirty little secret.

  • i agree that you should get a boyfriend if you want one but dont give up the married man. cheating is just so much ** fun that you should totally not give that up. snagging another womans husband is too much fun to quit it. one word of advice tho: make sure your in control of the affair and that the married guy knows your calling ALL the shots. hes the one at risk and you need to keep him in a risky position and always taking more and more and more chances, and exploit that to the max. be the dominant partner in the relationship and enjoy how that feels!

  • If you like your guy and you enjoy the **, there's no reason to stop. Eventually, you'll meet somebody you like better and then you can be with him, and either keep seeing the manager on the side or end it with him then. But if your current guy is good to you and doesn'tmistreat you, then enjoy yourself and enjoy the **, and don't worry about his wife and family. In fact, his being married and a father will -- if you let it -- make the ** even better because you know about his marriage and the fact that he loves you more than her. Don't stop doing him. Just don't. It's a really really really ** relationship and you should TOTALLY keep it, even if you get a regular boyfriend. Stop worrying and have fun!!!

  • It sounds like ur doing a good thing for the poor guy his wife is probly damaged goods old etc u on the other hand are young fresh tight and probly good eatin and all men need that . i do and probly at least 95% of married men do the wives out there dont wanna beliieve it but face it ladies if ur over 35 your husband is looking for new **, so you keep up the good work just lay back and enjoy his tongue cuz it will end up in his wifes mouth later on that day..

  • This is totally the best comment on this topic and it's totally right. And I agree that you should enjoy the feeling of knowing that what you're giving him is better than whatever SHE is giving him, otherwise he wouldn't get on you, and more so enjoy the delicious feeling of stealing another woman's man. The relationship you have with him is SO ** HOT, and you really should keep seeing him. But just don't limit yourself to him, go out and have fun when he's not available and enjoy your life and your **. What this person said about your man's tongue coming out of your ** and ** and then going into his wife's mouth is SOOOO hot, and that's what you should think of when he's eating your hot holes. YOU GO GIRL!

  • Not sure how long this has been going on, but isn't it obvious..he's never going to leave his wife for you? You're just something on the side. If he is so willing to cheat on his wife, he will eventually cheat on you too..maybe you're not his only gf on the side. You deserve a real man who is willing to commit to you and flaunt you in public, in front of his friends and introduce you to his parents. You will always be a dirty secret that he keeps from every one that's close to him. And how do you explain him to all of your friends? This relationship is just based on ** and lies, not love. Withhold ** and see how long he stays around. Have some integrity and respect for yourself, and break it off.

  • Withholding ** is always going to hurt any relationship even if it's not based on **. But in this case it is. And if you are fine with it being only about **, that's fine and you don't have a problem. If you want more than **, you are looking in the wrong place. Do both of you a favor and either commit to no commitment, or drop the act and lay it out as it is. Don't be a mistress unless that's what you want.

  • ...very well said.

  • Yeah, just grown some morals and stop.

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