Yep that was me

You know all those times you talked s*** behind my back, yet called yourself my bestfriend to my face? Remember going behind my back and sleeping with my bf at the time? Remember calling the guy I was dating and telling him that he should be with you and not me?

You don't know it but I got my revenge without you knowing who did it all because you can't keep your mouth shut even when its about your own stupid acts. Yeah remember beating your 3yr old cause he wouldnt listen? Remember how you told all your friends about doing it? Well you brought him to my house for me to watch, he was so skiddish of anyone even taking a step near him, his bottom so sore he wouldnt sit on it and sat on his side. all that made me a bit curious so I pulled down his pants and looked at his bottom. His bottom was covered in welts and bruises you stupid child beating s****. So when you called me a couple days later crying cause child protective servises paid you a visit and couldnt understand who would do that and why, I played stupid acting like I didn't know why someone would do that but inside I was laughing at you for getting what u deserved u stupid ho.

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  • Good for u for stepping up!

  • That's not really revenge, that's you doing the right thing. She was obviously doing more than just spanking him or disciplining him. What she was doing is abusing him, not to mention she sounds like a horrible person to begin with for how she treats her so called friends. Instead of playing dumb or laughing behind her back, why not just tell her it was you and end the friendship since it sounds like it wasn't going anywhere anyway..

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