My friend is safe now

Hey guys, so if you read My friend's on suicide mode, then you know what I mean. As a update, she is ok now. I had to pick her lock and when I walked in she was high and drunk and then she passed out. I didn't call the police, but she is getting slightly better. While she was passed out, I deleted her boyfriend's phine number and info so she couldn't contact him and I texted him that the should break up and signed it with my name, she's better off. Her parents still don't really care. They had no sympathy fro her, they just yelled at her and said "What the heck is wrong with you, dumba**". and "Get yourself a f***** life dips***". Her neighbor called and she called the police, my friend is getting new parents, which is for the better. Everything will hopefully work out! If not, maybe she'll live with me, but leaving her to be found dead isn't an option.

Oct 27, 2012

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  • You did good...really good. Way to take care of your friend.

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