Too much, too young

I just HATE hearing about these little girls (under 15) who have s**, get drunk, do drugs and get pregnant!! I'm only 14 myself and I'm a girl but quite frankly it really p***** me off. What has happened to childhood? What has happened to innocence? These girls should be playing hopscotch and picking flowers, not choosing baby names and having to have abortions (unless they were raped, which isn't their fault)! Yeesh! I mean, I still watch spongebob. Why can't kids be kids?

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  • I agree entirely teenagers don't have the chance to go from childhood to adult you seem to have the good sense to be good, I hope you keep it that way.

  • I must jus add to this I am male

  • And another thing moderate you language only bad girls use the term p***** off.

  • Shut the f*** up, ass clown

  • Oh wow. I’m the OP, I’m 21 now. I’m cringing so hard at this post I made. I sound so self-righteous, lol.

  • Wow!! A breath of fresh air. I've been consumed by this contry's moral downward descention, and as I thought all is lost, I read this "common sense" from an awsome 14 year old. This gives me hope! I admire you. Humbly bow...

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