I love my mums friend so much as she is beautiful funny and very very sexy. Her husband works nights and i as well as her work during the daytime. During both our long weekend off i went to a hotel to stay for a couple of nights with her and we had the most amazing s** ever. As you can imagine it has been going on for a while now and we both just cannot stop seeing each other. I do feel really bad as she is a married women but now need advice to wether stop or not?


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  • Well I guess her husband doesn't scare you. What would mummy say if she knew her friend was s******* her little boy?

  • The real question is, what would mommy say if she knew her 12 year old son was a troll in a s** forum? Did you see those glaring spelling errors.. lmao

  • Stop it. or just go with it until it dies out. It will eventually

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