This guy a couple of blocks down from me thinks it's funny to detonate incredibly loud fireworks thought the summer on work nights. These are not firecrackers, I'm talking about s*** that rattles the house and not the days before or after fourth of July but all f****** summer. The worst part is he does it late at night it's been going on for years and I could never find out who was doing it until this past weekend I happened to be driving down the street and kaboom I see the a****** dash into his house. I couldn't believe my luck so Monday morning as I leave for work very early in the morning I stop in front of his house with my lights off walk up the driveway slash all four tires on both cars parked there and toss a brick through the front window with a note rubber banded around it that read KABOOM thanks for all the sleepless nights!

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  • probably a stupid n***** doing it, he probably just received his welfare check in the post.

  • Dude your a fuckig p****. Just cuz he black doesn't mean s***

  • Shut up n***** no one asked you.

  • look c***, it means he is a rapist and pedophile that may not mean s*** to you being one yourself, but to everyone else he is a piece of s*** like you.

  • So it was you? Ill need my money!!!!!

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