i hate that i fake all my feelings. i

i hate that i fake all my feelings. i laugh, and sing and put on a happy face, all the while not feeling a thing on the inside. it came to the point were i was sick of people and them asking me whats wrong, so i decided i would rather fake it all the time then try and answer there questions. I DONT KNOW what the h*** is wrong with me. Nothing bad has happened in my life, iv had a very good upbringing and im content when im alone in my head. But people cant be happy with me just like that they have to go and ask all these questions. I have become a very good faker. I dont think anyone knows that im unsatisfied life and the people in it. The closest any one gets to the real me is that i will openly talk about my atheisim with any who brings up religion.


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  • It's ok, Dexter. You'll be fine as long as you don't let them know that you're a serial murderer.


    Amen! On this one. I remember being a kid and being FORCED to Sunday School, Communion and all of that nonsense and thinking, what if this is all bull-loney? what if these people do not know what the h*** they are talking about and it is all crap?

    I still feel that way. I love to debate these a******* that think that Adam & Eve roamed the Earth the same time as the dinosaurs and then the nut jobs that take the bible literally and say the earth is only 6000 years old! HA!

    The bible is good as a moral compass. HOWEVER, when the bible was written, it really wasn't penned until centuries later. Let me guess, NOTHING was lost in translation back then. The apostles all had MAC lap top and the most copious note taking skills!

    Also, when the bible was finally written, the "whole world" consisted of the UK, Middle East, Northern Africa and parts of Asia.

    so give everyone a break! LOGIC should rule the day! Not some horseshit that makes your grandparents feel good about themselves.

  • ^Yeah, but this person doesn't sound like buddah....

    And Atheism? Good GOD, how I loathe Atheism, and I'm not even religious one iota. Atheists are just as bad a bible bashers. Both believe that they know where we truly came from and both cannot prove their ends one way or the other.

  • Simply be content, calmly tell people that nothing is wrong when they ask because as you said, you are content.

  • Maybe your lack of belief in God, in meaning in this life, is the reason for the emptiness you feel.

  • most people hate what they don't understand..
    "Love is living life
    Hate is living death."

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