I love this guy. I do. However, I do

I love this guy. I do. However, I do not know if I can accept him. He was born a female. We were together two months. He has transitioned and completly passes; however, he will never function like a male, and my family cannot accept that if I were with him we could not have children together. I love the way he makes me feel and how he treats me. I hate that I ended it because I was influenced by others. I know I have a second chance. I want to take it but I am so afraid to because I want to be accepted and I want to know that I can fully accept him. I don't want to hurt him again. He deserves more than that. My world has been turned upset down with this relationship. I wish I didn't wish he were born a biological male. It would be so easy then...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You screwed up by letting your parents know he's a she-he.
    If you had kept quiet, you could have gotten pregnant by another guy and told everyone it was his.
    It's easier than you think.
    I impregnated a girl whose husband was not having any luck in that endeavor.
    He never had and doesn't have a clue that the child he's raising isn't his.

  • It's not a he, it's a SHE. Don't get confused.

    Find a guy, and stop being stupid. Clear your mind of these gay thoughts.

  • I've always wondered what someone would do in your situation. It sounds extremely difficult to get over and I wish I could offer you some advice. Just know that you're not a bad person for doubting yourself, and I admire your desire to move past it and to be with the one you love. I hope it works out!


  • WOW, they can't spell furfyl?! But furfyl is such an easy word!

    *high five*

  • I like how the idiot above can't even spell fulfill.

  • So all your really worried about is not having a forfilled future with him because he can't have kids? who cares!!! he can still forfill your sexual fantasies and theres sperm donors, adoption, foster care. And at least your not so ashames of his past, that you at least was open about it with your family and friends. Love him like theres no tomorrow because that could happen :)

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