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I struggle with the homosexuality that I see on this site. It seems like every other post starts with " I am a 17 y/o lesbian". And most of them are so young. Have you really made that decision at this point in your life? I don't like homosexuality and I think it is wrong. However I have a couple of extended family members who are gay. I accept them as people and I love them and care about them but I just can't accept homosexuality. I have had a couple of lesbian friends but it did not really work out. One of the ladies ended up being jealous of my relationship with her partner and made up lies to make me look bad and that ended that relationship. I don't know what I am trying to say here other than I love a number of homosuxuals but I just can't accept them having s** with each other.

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  • Hey OP, its your struggle. I have no issues with any sexual preference of anyone else. Just not my business. In turn, what I like is no business of yours.

    Yours is an internal struggle. If it causes you problems don't complain to me. Hold opinions all you want, but you can't pass judgment. Because people can change, and so can your opinions. A judgment is supposedly a -final- term. Use the word correctly.

    I wonder about the internal struggle of the folks like Senators who spout anti-gay vitriol, but then is caught with hookers, or in a homosexual relationship with an aide. Two-faced and hypocritical. Publicly they talk like you, but in private....

  • Did I happen to mention that the girl I am involved with is 11 (I am 17)? Totally unexpected and well it makes things complicated. So I obviously have no issues with young girls either but this thing came out of nowhere. At 11 I think you're aware that you HAVE sexuality but you may not know what it really is or what to do with it so I know I have to be very careful and let her sort things out in her mind. --Jody

  • Jody,
    OK so it was not a decision. Fair enough. I happen to enjoy little girls. Not a decision either. It may be because of some of the things that happened to me when I was a child. None the less i like little girls. If homosexuality is acceptable then why not pedophilia? And don't give me the " a child is not ready to make those decisons" crap. Give me some original thought.

  • To Anonymous from 8/5/2010 at 12:03pm -
    Well that's really f--ing sensitive of you. So what, do skinny people need plaster casts ready in case something breaks when their in the throes of passion? Do blind people need f---ing Braille to figure out where they're aiming stuff? Cmon, a--hole. It takes all kinds. Get a life. And a brain. And some f---ing perspective. Calm down and open your eyes up to the world already.

  • My name is Jody and I made one of the posts you are talking about, and yes, I can say I am a lesbian and 17 years old.
    It was not a decision the only way I can describe it is that the first time I felt physically attracted to another person, it was to another girl, my best friend. It was not a decision. It is clearly who I am.
    Up until I was 14 I was not attracted to boys or girls, anyone.
    When my best friend and I started getting involved, it was clearly just us experimenting, though I was the one who told her about my physical and emotional feelings first. She is straight, and eventually she confessed that she enjoyed things but did not feel the way I did, and we talked it out. And she's still my best friend to this day.
    When I was 16 I met a girl named Christine who is 2 years older than me, and that blossomed quickly into a serious relationship, the first time I can say I was in love. That was when I was certain - I am a lesbian. Christine went away to college and before that we broke things off and it was difficult but we still Email occasionally and are still friends, she is seeing someone else at college and I just started seeing someone here at home as well.
    I don't hate guys or have anything against them, I am just not particularly physically attracted to them.
    As far as having s** goes, don't be hung up on what other people are doing. Its not like they are forcing you to watch or asking your approval. The way I look at it is what people do in their private time is private and not to be judged.
    Now if you see two girls making out or two guys making out in a public place, well, if that offends you then I agree. I have never done anything in the PA (public affection) thing, although my best friend does with her boyfriend at school sometimes, and it just seems weird that they would do that.
    And honestly I can tell you that being a lesbian is not easy, only six people know about my preferences, not even my parents know. I do not want the teasing or attention right now. When I am in college or maybe after things will be easier.
    Right now, talking on this site just helps me.
    So I guess if you don't like my posts or some other peoples posts I guess then don't read them. --Jody

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