Christian who loves women in hh boots and shoes

My GOD is YAHWEH and YESHUA is my savior. They are always on my mind and I love them so much, but I have such a deep love also for women in heels or boots and I get off with them!!! I have collected probably over 60 pairs and have guilt and shame that this has made me donate them to thrift stores and even burn them to ashes! I have tried to stop but it seems that I have been chosen to be this way and I must accept this and find a mate that will accept me the way I am.... Any understanding would be appreciated.…

Jul 28, 2011

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  • Get a life!!!

  • A shoe fetish??? Don't see the harm in it! Good grief there are so many things that one could do that would not find favour with Yeshua. We are all inperfect human beings. When resurrection comes, get judged then. NOT BY THIS FORUM!

  • May the Lord smite your ungodly ass for that comment, Anonymous!

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