I'm sexually fluid and I accept it. Do you all accept your personal sexualities? If any of you don't, would you like to convey why? ☺



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  • Who gives a rip? Be fluid, don't be fluid, whatever. Just don't expect me to yip happily like a concussed Chihuahua for your oh so edgy and enlightened "choice"!

    SO done with everyone fishing for attention and/or validation over every tiny aspect of their insignificant little lives!!

  • Keep your fluids to yourself !

  • You're mentally damaged.

  • Op is a chick with a d*** other words just a gay dude who likes to dress up as a chick

  • :-) Thank you

  • Turning your sexuality into a fashion statement......

  • Some people might. Some people glamourize their specific sexual orientation. But, some people don't.

    I believe some individuals and collective groups place so much importance, on what they think a person's sexuality should be and shouldn't be. But why does it matter? It's irrelevant within my opinion.

    Love, l*** and like whomever you want. Who cares if that person is trans, q****, bi, two spirited, lesbian, pansexual, sexually fluid, heterosexual, asexual etc - we're more than our sexualities :)

    Each to their own

  • Attention seeking, just because you dont care who you f*** doesnt make you any better than people who do.

  • :-) Each to their own

  • Also, who cares about what gender the person is, of who you want to be with.
    Love is love :) x

  • Well see theres this thing called a d*** and a lack of b**** and long hair that i find to be a big turn off

  • Each to their own :)

  • I love being attracted to someone's mind and heart. I don't care what gender a person is. If I like the person for who they're internally, that's all that matters.

    The person vs gender = I choose the person every time :)

    A person in my opinion is more than; gender, race, sexual orientation, credentials, abilities and so forth.

  • :-)

  • People are either gay or they are straight. There is no such thing as bisexual. Now before all you people who claim to be bisexual jump all over me, let me explain. I have a PhD in psychology and work in marital and s** counseling. I have been doing this for 20+ years and I have pretty much heard it all. The reason you believe that you're bisexual is one of two reasons. Either you are over sexed and normal s** no longer appeals to you, or you are confused about your sexual preference. If you m*********, watch p***, or have a lot of s**, then you are over sexed and I suggest cutting back. If you are confused then I suggest going to counseling. If you believe me or not, that is up to you. If you think you are bisexual and you're OK with that, then who am I to tell you that you're not.

  • I agree with you, people are over sexed, they think tooooooo much about s**, s** and s**.

  • I agree, 'who are you to tell people, they're not!' No amount of training in a specialist field and experience, should determine what people feel in regards to their sexual orientation.

    I respect your specialism for many reasons, none of which I care to elaborate on. But your opinion is, just your opinion. I respect it, but don't agree with it :-)

  • Ohhhhhhhhh, snap!

  • Your lack of intelligence somehow makes you think the persons comment got the better of me, when in fact I am the one who made the statement first. Let me translate the statement for you. I am here to help people who believe they have a problem. You don't ask for help when you don't have a problem, or don't believe you have a problem.

  • Don't offer your services at all!

  • Did any commentator convey, they believe they have a problem with their sexuality or sexual orientation?

  • I think that was his point. No one said they had a problem so he ended his first comment the way he did saying if your ok with it, then there's no problem.

  • The point is actually the commentator believes they have the expertise and professional credentials to diagnose people's problems.

    That person assumes they're accurate, because of these credentials.

    One should never assume that, they're not superior to anyone else. And one should never assume because they have these professional qualifications and experiences - that they know for definite, how individuals feel in regards to their sexuality.

    Being a Psychologist is a specialism. But the person behind the Psychologist, determines what sort of practitioner they'll be.

    By this person stating there credentials, they're implying they're the experts and whatever they state is accurate and not without doubts, because they're deemed the professionals in human psychology.
    The person didn't have to state any credentials, but did so to seem more credible a person.

  • Read the original comment

  • Perhaps :-)

  • Every once in a while, I m********* to tranny or occasionally gay p***. I do not embrace that side of myself. I'm not gay, but there is something extremely alluring about very big d**** especially white ones. I know my wife longs for it, I am excited but scared of cuckolding. I would like to suck a big d*** just one time.

  • You are bisexual. Just admit it to yourself and go with it

  • Not necessarily :)

  • Good for you

  • How do you catch that -can i catch some of that fluid from you I need it. men around me did it so they can do all the hunting to me and I can be irresistible. lol in my dreams. darling even when I was irresistibly pretty and young and slim they were still so fluid they worn nappies or I missed them all the time they must have been going to the loo if they were really fluid because they were not interested in me and that hurt.

  • I don't think I have one, to be honest. I don't know how to express love or sexual love because of child abuse. I don't ever recall the freedom and convenience of being able to flirt without abuse at the end of it in the form of rejection, assault or rape or the whole three. I have been in the sack with someone I really loved. I wish I could be more fluid and I wish other men were with me but they are generally rather stiff and don't know how to express much where I come from. it would be nice to experience a fluid easy going easy catch serious romantic love that will be right and he is cute and worth it. I am sick of abuse and creepy men. I have always attracted old men, creepy men or married wannabe-casanovas that were absolute duds, not studs.

  • I feel bad for you. So sorry.xoxo

  • I second that, as well

  • Maybe, try women instead

  • Sexuality is a sin.

  • If you think it's a sin you are stupid.

  • I agree x

  • F*** sin f*** your god and f*** you

  • Lol Everyone has a sexuality, regardless of whatever it is. Whether people embrace there's or not, is a different matter, as everyone is different.

    Sexuality itself, is a "mass scope"
    So when you state, "sexuality is a sin, do you mean sexuality itself or are you referring to a specific sexual orientation?"

  • You put quotes around too much. Please retype your comment with the necessary corrections. Thank you.

  • Who do you think you're, telling someone to retype their comment?!

  • Lol thank you for the advice, but my comment wasn't an 'essay' and doesn't need correcting, for the sake of achieving a high grade :)

    I didn't write it for your benefit lol So nothing will be rectified. But thanks for trying to be, an English Language scholar, good luck with that :)

  • Too many unnecessary commas in that reply. And why did you put ' ' around the work essay? I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to give you a failing grade and you'll be forced to retake grammar 101.

  • One love and respect x

  • Lol thanks again for the advice. Whether or not I take heed of it, is another matter :-)

  • I think sexuality is far more fluid than some would like to admit. Pleasure is pleasure. Whether I receive that pleasure with another woman or from a's still pleasure. I don't think of myself as bi or a lesbian. I prefer men by far, but I have had s** with other women and I would again. I would never date a woman, relationships and s** are actually separate things. You can have s** without a relationship and you can have a relationship without s**.

  • Good luck. One person always wants more than the other.

  • Not necessarily. Everyone's different

  • I agree with you :)

  • This may sound stupid, but what exactly does sexually fluid mean ? Is this the new phrase for bisexual? Just curious .

  • Sexual fluidity means - A person's gradual change in sexual orientation. Whether it's days, weeks, months or years. It can occur to anyone, for whatever reason. You could be attracted to men for numerous years and suddenly, become attracted to a woman for whatever reason. Hence the term, fluidity :)

  • Not buying it. I don't have that and plenty of women have tried to manipulate me to being lez. It's called an inate desire for one sexual type of partner. I am commited to being with men whether that be willpower or just the belief that men and women should remain exclusive in their sexuality. I have met men who swing the lever back n forth. It must be an internal hate of themselves I think. Just my opinion. I am a woman and find women manipulative and scandalously competitive ...which makes them evil. I have never had a desire to lick any woman's cynt nor anything else. At times I don't even want to suck d*** ...but what remains constant is my desire for d I C k and him loving me and caressing me and pleasuring me. Yum

  • Like you stated, 'it's your opinion'

    Each to their own :)

  • Sexually fluid means - a person whose sexual orientation has changed over time, maybe due to personal/individualistic circumstances and experiences or personal changes, within themselves. For example; I always thought I was heterosexual. I always dated men and I'm currently in a relationship of eight and a half years, with a man I love dearly :-)

    However, whilst being in this relationship I realised, I'm actually attracted to a person's personal attributes, heart/soul, personality (aka people and not based on gender) No titles/labels should define a person, ad I believe human beings are too complex to define. But if I had to identify my sexual orientation it would be "Pansexual" which is based on the above.

    However, I haven't always felt this way and believe my sexual orientation has changed overtime, because I've changed and blossomed.

    Due to these changes, I also identify with being -sexually fluid- because this signifies I believe - A person's change in sexual orientation, over time :-)

    I hope this answers your question :)

  • Thank you for replying to my question, I'm a bit out of touch but always willing to learn something new.

  • Your welcome :-)

  • As I've gotten older I've become far less judgmental. I've also become more driven to explore.

  • Me too 😊

  • No one cares keep on sniffing your own farts

  • Bless you, you must sniff and enjoy your own, for you to mention something so "crass" :-) Sniff away, you freak!

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