I feel left behind with all the six year olds.

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl but I don't act my age, really. Most girls my age go to parties and get off with multiple boys and I feel left behind at the age of six. I haven't even kissed anyone ffs and I'm not 'hard to handle' like normal teenagers. I want to be a normal teenage girl! I hang around with my mum at the weekends and I'm her 'good little girl' and I hate it. I want to party and stuff but I'm too scared. I don't like throwing tantrums and slamming doors because anger is a rubbish feeling and I don't want to show myself up. I feel really sad like I'm missing out on everything. I have got friends that are crazy but they don't go to my school and I love being with them. My two friends at school are in the year above me and I don't mean to sound mean but we don't really have many laughs and I don't have much fun with them. I also get bullied, which makes me feel even worse. I either act like an old spinster or a little girl. Sorry for the moan, I just feel really down. :/

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  • Dudette enjoy your childhood those girls might ended up pregnant, raped or something worse. You have to think about what really makes you happy and not what the others are doing.

    Don't bother yourself with trying to fit in, the ones that fit are the norm and who wants to be just like the other. Be unique, use your brain, go to an awesome college and kick ass.

    You should read and watch all the movies and tv series in the world, with strong female leads. I can tell you that buffy the vampire slayer (the tv series) changed my life.

    I totally understand the feeling of loneliness but it will pass, the time between 13 and 18 can BE awful but it is in you to survive it.

    Also you should check tavi gavinson, she is around your age, looks super geeky and she now owns a magazine and she seems like she was just like you.

    go to http://rookiemag.com/

    this is her http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-DNz6y1ioDDQ/T4_8rRzCVHI/AAAAAAAABoA/9KVVbLjGjsc/s1600/Rodarte+Backstage+Fall+2010+MBFW+4PXGbI5A1Rcl.jpg

    I was you when I was 14, now I own a house, 3 dogs, I have a boyfriend and lots of genuine friends. Do not give in to their bullshit. Just be strong and shrugged it off.

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