24m With Bra Strap Fetish

I'm 24 straight male and I have a fetish for bra straps. I just love seeing a girl in a bra with the straps a bit loose and falling down a bit. Love seeing them pull the strap back up, and then it sliding down again as they move.

It's distracting because I tend to look at girls bra straps and the "bumps" they leave when a shirt is covering them. It gets me all turned on if i notice that the straps have fallen down under the shirt (like if the shirt is white or yellow and you can see the outline of the strap sliding off the shoulder). There's this girl at work who is always pulling her straps back up, even tho they fall down 5 minutes later. I work right next to her, so I'm in heaven so to speak lol

There's even been a few times where I'm so turned on about bra straps that I wear one with the straps loosened and falling down just to feel it happen on me. I have a bra of my own, a black one, 36A (I got the A cup since it felt the most natural to wear, since i don't really have b****)

It's just kind of annoying at times to have this fetish, since I have some friends who would be offended if they knew how turned on I was just because their straps were falling



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  • I have the same thing, but mine applies for all straps.
    Also when guys’ shirts, jackets ect. fall off too, it’s my weakness. Only unintentionally tho.

  • You can pull my bra straps any time

  • I also have the same fetish

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