I make him wear a bra

My husband has gained a significant amount of weight recently. Because of all his extra chubbiness, he has developed fairly large man b****.
He had the condition gynecomastia before his weight gain, which causes large and swollen male breast tissue, and then he gained weight and made his chest look more female than male. He’s naturally not hairy on his body, so his weight gain and big belly now makes him look like a pregnant man with b******.
He started complaining about his back hurting as his weight increased, so I bought him a bra and asked him to wear it for comfort. He was very hesitant at first, but tried it for the week and noticed it made him feel better. It also smoothed out his size C b****** and made them look more shapely.
So now, I make him wear a bra everyday. He looks better. He feels better. He has more confidence. And I kind of like how he looks in his bra, with his shirt on and with his shirt off.

Jun 12, 2020

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  • Do you make him wear panties?

  • No. What would panties have to do with his fat man b****?!

  • If I wear a bra regularly will it help my bobbies grow and be more feminine looking?

  • No. I think you have to overeat, gain weight and then your chest will be more feminine as fat builds on your chest.

  • I put my husband in a bra and he loves it I told him his my wife now yes he know how a woman fills now I love him and it forever

  • My husband doesn’t love it, but he feels better. You love that he wears a bra now?

  • He wears bras? Does he like them? Did he get used to it?

  • He’s gotten used to it. He still wears them. Mostly sports bras, like soccer players wear. He has a couple girly ones I got him for fun nights out!!

  • Wouldn’t this make his man b****** more pronounced? I wouldn’t want to wear anything that made them look bigger than they already are.

  • Depends on if it’s a sports bra or a bra with underwire that makes them a little perkier!!

  • I think it depends. A sports bra would probably smooth him out and make his moobs less noticeable, whereas a push-up bra would have the opposite effect. I guess it depends on the look you want.

  • I get that. We live where it’s t-shirt weather so I guess I was thinking about people seeing the outline of a bra. Haven’t looked into compression shirts. Maybe that’s a better move than a bra?

  • It’s 2022. I don’t think anyone cares if they see a bra under a man’s t-shirt.

  • I am trying to get my hubby to wear one too and he flat out refuses. I don’t know if he realizes how noticeable his chest is in those polos.

  • Sounds like he has too much breast tissue.

  • He definitely has too much breast tissue! Even in his thinner days you could tell where any gain would go.

  • Is he still gaining weight? Going up in cup sizes?

  • So you like it? Are you embarrassed by it?

  • It feels quite sensual. He now knows what I go through lugging around my d cups! But we were at the gym a few weeks ago and as he was on the stair master, his chest was bouncing up and down like a woman’s. It was really noticeable and embarrassing to me. He seemed oblivious.

  • I don't know how he could be oblivious. As a large breasted man myself, I'm always aware of these funbags flopping around and it is super embarrassing. Although you'd never catch my fat ass on a stair matter.

  • What have you tried to do to get him to use a bra?

  • I’ve been indirect about it. Any time we are intimate, I’ll kind of cup his b****** and support them like a bra and say he may need a little extra support. He always laughs it off and says all he needs are my hands ha. Or when we’re talking about getting some new clothes, I’d talk about our changing bodies and wearing shape wear, which he loves on me. But when I suggest it for him, whether it’s for his midsection or chest, he says he doesn’t need it. I know he knows he does. I’m just not sure what the trigger event will be before he’s willing to wear one.

  • Maybe you can make it part of sexy time and ask him to wear one. Maybe that will work!!

  • I tried it but to no avail. He says it’s not masculine. Funny thing is he’s not looking particularly masculine these days anyway!

  • Just buy him a bra and ask him to try it on for you!

  • Dude sounds like a puss tbh. No way this happens to a normal guy.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful answers. I’m struggling with the issue. On one hand, it’s a huge turn on having big moobs during s**. My wife gives then a lot of attention and practically seems obsessed. And the bigger they’ve gotten, the more sensitive they are. On the other hand, we don’t talk about it. I’ve brought it up but she changes the subject. I think they’re just her sexual playthings. My moobs have gotten so big, I don’t think push ups will help anymore. But I don’t know a single guy who wears a bra and the thought is horrifying to me.

  • Get him a bra! He needs it!

  • My husband has gotten fairly fat on me in five years and I love his body! Great to cuddle on.

  • Have you gone the bra route as well? What does he think about them?

  • Yes. He wears sports bras, mainly. He has some more fancy ones, too. But for everyday use, he wears a sports bra.

  • When does he wear the fancy ones?

  • When I ask him to wear a fancy one.

  • Your answer is very funny but this is my hesitation to wearing a bra even though my fat chest is definitely big enough. I like to be the one who feels in charge in the relationship and I feel like that dynamic would changeif I admit I need to wear a bra or heaven forbid I actually like it.

  • Neither of those things are problems. It’s just a piece of useful undergarments that supports your body. It doesn’t matter if you end up liking to wear a bra. Why does that matter? And you might just enjoy the extra attention you might get from looking a little sexier.

  • Why do you think a man’s b****** would look sexier in a bra?

  • Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

  • I will and will report back. :)

  • Hah!

  • Report back

  • I think you should ask her again. Tell her you feel like she enjoys them, and you want her thoughts and feelings about losing weight (and losing your moobs a little) because you are self-conscious about how big and bouncy they are. Tell her that you enjoy the attention she gives you and them, and ask if she likes them. Also ask if she would help you find a bra if she wants you to keep them. A bra helps. Trust me. 😀

  • I probably should. Here’s the thing: in my mind, she’s really turned on by them and doesn’t have the confidence to express it. BUT… if she actually doesn’t like them, and just sucks or grabs them because it turns me on… oh man, that’d be even more embarrassing. As for the bra conversation, I think I still need to work up to that one.

  • I secretly wish my wife would do this to me. I would never buy one myself even tho I need one..

  • Drop some hint why don't you. Don't be too obvious. Be casual about it.

  • I’m sure that your wife would help you if you asked. Most of us just want our man happy and content, even if wearing a bra is part of that.

  • What do his friends say? Do you look at him as less manly? How does he take that?

  • I don’t look at him as less manly. He’s the same man, just larger now. He still is a wonderful husband. All of us only get older and less attractive, so I’m sure I’m not a 9.5 out of 10 anymore, and I wouldn’t want him treating me differently because of something I don’t have a lot of control over. I try to hug him and cup his moobs and lay/cuddle on them so he feels it’s a natural part of our relationship and not something I’m disgusted over.

  • His basketball buddies gave him a hard time about it because of how much they jiggled around. He said they gave him a hard time the first time back to play, but haven’t said anything about it since then.

  • How do you like his moobs? Does the bra make them look even bigger?

  • Bras can either accentuate moobs or suppress them, depending on what type of bra you are using. I don’t mind them anymore. Just took a little getting used to them.

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