I make him wear a bra

My husband has gained a significant amount of weight recently. Because of all his extra chubbiness, he has developed fairly large man b****.
He had the condition gynecomastia before his weight gain, which causes large and swollen male breast tissue, and then he gained weight and made his chest look more female than male. He’s naturally not hairy on his body, so his weight gain and big belly now makes him look like a pregnant man with b******.
He started complaining about his back hurting as his weight increased, so I bought him a bra and asked him to wear it for comfort. He was very hesitant at first, but tried it for the week and noticed it made him feel better. It also smoothed out his size C b****** and made them look more shapely.
So now, I make him wear a bra everyday. He looks better. He feels better. He has more confidence. And I kind of like how he looks in his bra, with his shirt on and with his shirt off.

Jun 12, 2020

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