Im a Senior in College, and im gonna drop out

Im a computer science major. The first two years were really fun, I like programming and all, but all the math that isnt actually used in the field gets on my nerves.

I cant write mathematical proofs, and I cant analyze algorithms worth a **, but I know that its not important because ive actually worked in my field before. CS Curriculum is very out dated.

I want to drop out because my grades are slipping big time this semester. Im failing a math class, and my other classes will only be "ok." ill probably end up with a 1.9 GPA due to these last few semesters.

the thing is, I dont even respect my professors. They are morons with no ability to reason through something. If I answer a test question, and I dont provide the exact definition of something in the book, and just write it the way I would speak it, then I get a ton of points off because im pretty sure they dont know how to tell if its right.

Ive actually tested this by simply using words that are synonymous with words used in definitions, I still get points off.

To make matters worse, due to the fact that im forced to always be thinking about computer science and technology, im starting to turn into a hippie. I think I would rather live in the woods for the rest of my life, with a wife, friends, kids and a bunch animals and say ** off to technology. I miss trees, nature and connectedness. The internet causes people to stay inside all day staring at facebook.

I can get a job as a programmer without a problem, I just wonder if I would even last long, because of my lack of interest anymore, I know for a fact that I probably wouldnt research any emerging technologies that I should know about because its all so bland to me anymore.

College kills passion, unless you go for a silly degree like psychology which anyone can get.

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  • Hey, psychology is ** hard lol if you really take those classes.
    Takes 5-7 years to get a ph.D!
    I'm on my first year!
    And don't drop out, that's ** stupid.
    You wanna know what degree "anyone can get"?
    A degree in failure.

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