I am a 15 year old and I am in love with Guns n Roses. I listen to it pretty much everyday. Now that i think about it when i go to school is the only time i dont listen to it. even when i play MW3 i turn down the sound and blast GnR! i am listening to it as i type this... november rain. i am trying to get all the albums. i have destruction, illusion 1 and 2, and GnR lies. i need spaghetti incident. i am 15 years old and hate the music of today except for lil wayne. i like led zep. and firehouse and some others but GnR is favorite. I will probably lsten to this till the day i die!

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  • GnR are epic!!! Slash is a god,and November rain gives me goosebumps!!!
    Enjoy the music and hope you got all the albums!!

  • Gah, F*** todays music. I'm a girl and 14 and I f****** love 60s, 70s classic rock as well as 90s grunge.

  • Rock on kid...most great music was made before you were born.

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