I cant take it anymore.....

I hate waking up and having to look at myself in the mirror. i hate having to wake up feeling scared because i have to go in public and actually put myself out there. i hate my body. i hate my hair,my eyes,my nose,my smile,my teeth,my stomach,my arms,my thighs,my legs,i hate EVERYTHING about me. i cant do this anymore! im disgusting,im worthless,im pathetic...im over this. i cant stand this. why cant anybody CARE or atleast LISTEN. PLEASE just LISTEN,thats all i want.im tired of everyone making fun of weight,im tired of people looking at me with disgust,im tired of being ignored like im not worth crap,im tired being left out,im tired of no one caring,im tired of being tired...i cant do this. i dont want to go to school anymore,i dont want to live with a family who doesnt give a s*** about me,i dont want to be here anymore,please listen...PLEASE! i need you,i need someone,anyone! just please,please listen.

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  • I know how you feel. Life is rough, sometimes. I hope my story provides some comfort for you: When I was in High School, I was the ugly duckling. I wasn't sure how to deal with myself socially, I had few friends, and most everyone I knew talked about me behind my back. It was rough. I was a bigger girl, could never find a haircut that looked good on me, and never wore makeup. People in general did not like me. I went to college, and decided to reinvent myself. In the past 4 years, I have become a social butterfly, I have lost a significant amount of weight, I discovered so much about myself, and I have a confidence I thought I'd never have. I was the ugliest of ducklings. And now, I'm feeling that swan come out. I don't tell you this because I want to be some sort of inspiring and incredible testimony of a person, but because I want you to know that it gets better. If you're unsatisfied right now with how things are, remember that you are still a duckling! (And I am, by no means, saying you are ugly. It's just a great metaphor for life). You have time to grow into a swan. And I know you will. Think about getting a therapist or going on depression medications. If you feel weird about it, realize that the majority of people are depressed and on some sort of treatment. Seriously! When I was diagnosed, I swiftly discovered that about 7 out of every 10 people I talked to suffered the same thing. You are normal, my dear. And I KNOW that you will get through this. I have faith in you! :)

  • A lot of girls feel this way, so you aren't alone.

  • Hello you shouldnt feel that way about yourself you are amazing because you are you. everyone does not like themselves from time to time but you are stuck with you. be fortunate we live in a world where if you apply yourself and make money you can just about fix anything you dont like about yourself. but life is valuable and honestly you shouldnt need someone to tell you your worthy you should already know it. and if anyone says otherwise they are haters who like to see misery so f*** them m************. good luck in life you are an amazing person and dont forget it. focus that hate on other rather than yourself if you have to lol

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