Barbie Doll Fetish

I love barbie dolls (15 m) they are soooo hot! i fantasize about s******* a barbie doll til she screams my name. I go online and j******* to pictures of barbie dolls. Anytime I get a hold of one I take it in the shower with me and blow loads on it. Then I make out with it and rub my d*** all over its body. I just love barbie dolls

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  • I suck there b****** as i fap

  • My barbie dolls spank me when im bad

  • We play house i only have girl dolls so teres alot of older Sisters and mommys to change my diaper when i make little misses

  • I push my hands up the skirts and dress the i like their panties before ripping off the outfit and and play tea party

  • I love when i get one of my barbie dolls and kiss them all over before sucking there b******

  • Its fun to have them kiss as i j*** it

  • I know the the feeling i suck m y dolls breast rub there sexy legs and make out with as we play house

  • I have a lot of barbie dolls :3 would you like to buy them XD

  • I love Barbie dolls too. I've got a my size Barbie. She's really nice to w*** over. I'm getting a stiffy thinking about it.

  • Get a life fools! Barbie dolls are just plastic toys not artificial woman.

  • I agreee barbie dolls are attractive and I spend much of my life trying to look like one.

  • I meant get some barbies. I was so p***** off I couldn't even type my words right. F*** you Cindy!

  • You have inspired me. My stupid girlfriend just broke up with me and I'm going to be some barbies. And Cindy is you are reading this, go f*** yourself!

  • I got a b**** reading that.

  • I'm down with barbies too. I looove to rub my d*** against my barbie and j*** all over her. Damn, that feels sooooo good.

  • I love them too! They are sexier and hotter than all the girls I know. They turn me on too. I get a severe woody when I see one.

  • Try a real much better. Freak.

  • Wtf? Are you insane or just a dumbass? A barbie doll will never say no when you want to get it on, and she'll always be there for you no matter what. And, get this, she'll never lead you. She gives you no s*** or plays games and she's a cheap date. What's not to love, lameo?

  • How lameo is it when you would rather f*** a piece of plastic than real human flesh? Prolly 'cuz you can't get a real woman....L**** !!

  • Hey lameo u pepe prolly jus right size for barbie, ha,ha,ha.

  • The only real woman your lameo ass gets is the twig you j*** off with using your sweaty little girly hand cuz your d*** is too small and your face too girly, L****, femface.

  • Agreed. Real women suck, in a bad way.

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