Barbie Doll Fetish

I love barbie dolls (15 m) they are soooo hot! i fantasize about s******* a barbie doll til she screams my name. I go online and j******* to pictures of barbie dolls. Anytime I get a hold of one I take it in the shower with me and blow loads on it. Then I make out with it and rub my d*** all over its body. I just love barbie dolls

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  • I have a fetish for ever after high dolls and I get obsessed with them, I love to c** on them, rub against their legs and a****, it's really exciting,
    I would like to contact people who like these dolls.

  • —I will however say this. My fetish with Barbie dolls started back in late middle school. I used to see my mom’s collection. And one of them always got me in the mood. It was the Chocolate Obession doll. It was something about her complexion, her slim slender body. Her brunette hair. That brown dress. And not to mention those brown tights. I was a sucker for her. After a while though, she didn’t do it for me. I then moved on to the 1966 era Barbie dolls. The twist n turn vintage kind. It was something about this one pale one that I loved. Number one yes, I’m black. But I have an addiction to white women. (Needless to say I like all flavors.) but this doll. She was just the right one. Her like many other models. Have the slim waist line. But big a****. Not mention nicely sized t**s. But this one individually catches my eye. She’s got a different pale coloration to her. And I love f****** her in the ass. I’ve been doing her since I was 15. I post videos and pics on Xvideos all the time. And it’s just me and her.

  • I never thought it was an actual thing.

  • I just got my first Barbie today, all articulated and everything. I feel happy but ashamed of myself at the same time. I've had this doll fetish since I was younger but I feel pretty bad about it. I get attracted to real women too but it's something about dolls I can't put my finger on...

  • I'm the same way but for me it's American girl dolls and some baby dolls i love it makes me happy

  • I put lotion on American girl dolls thighs and feet and I’ll doogie the doll then I’ll let the doll ride my c*** the I’ll c** on its face

  • But they look like kids!

  • I have to agree that Barbie dolls are amazing. I have two stories of when i stayed the night at my friends house when i was in middl school and when everyone was asleep I snuck over to his sister's Barbie dream house. One time I saw she had a cute one with poseable arms and legs wearing nothing but a bikini. I undressed her and posed her so that she was straddling my c***. She went to town on my d*** and I grabbed a few other naked Barbies to join in the fun. I came buckets that night all over their bare naked bodies. The next time I was over there I saw that his sister had a nerdy doll with huge b****. I drew nipples on her with a sharpie and took two other naked Barbies to drink from her b******. Eventually Ken got involved and it became a foursome with the two naked Barbies stroking Ken's bulge while he drank from nerdy Barbie's t***. I jizzed all over them and took a shower with them to clean up. I ended up jizzing twice when I rubbed soap all over the Barbies' bodies and slathered them over my c***. Those were great times.

  • Get your own dolls and dont j*** over little girls toys! Its not your own, you know? I would slap you in the face, if I found your c** on my little sisters belongings!!!!

  • Https://

  • Got to be honest pilehouse made me c.. in 10 minutes good recommendation 😇😳

  • Check out Iplehouse dolls. They're expensive; but WOW! Just looking at pictures of them makes my c.o,c.k erupt.

  • I think the whole barbie fetish is more exclusive to the 80's and 90's kids. Back then most kids saw barbies b**** as their first b**** ever and it stuck with them. I used to pop boners at an early age looking at barbies and as i got older i began having fantasies and living some of them out with barbies (sometimes i looked for barbies that looked like women i knew in real life) but the idea of rubbing my d*** up against barbie or sleeping with her i never found too appealing (thats what i find strange)But using her t*** as lollipops is still fun. Im losing my interest in the fetish as i age. Just think though, if you think its weird you have a barbie fetish, consider the fact youre anonymous. There could be more people around you with the same fetish. They might even be doctors or firefighters or teachers. Everyones got a strange fetish.

  • Check out my new group

  • The best Barbie doll is the Bead Blast Barbie redhead. Very sexy. I've bought on few on Ebay; never used / still in boxes.
    The thing is about Barbie is she can't so no; but she can't say yes either. And if you rape her, what's she going to do about it?

  • There is a nice tumble for naked barbie pics called:

  • The first time I actually e*********, I was secretly playing with my sister's hottest Barbie, I would dress her in the Ice Cream Shoppe pink dress with nothing underneath. I would dress her Brunette one in this purple headband with a fluffy flower thing around her waist just covering her c***. Then I would have them teach little sister about s**, it was either Stacey or Stacie, or a new version of Skipper who was smaller with round b****. Ken would stop by, and my sister had my Mom's ken who did not have the underwear lines, just a bulge. Ken would deflower little sister as the others 69'd, and took turns. I'm about to c** remembering it. I J***'d that way often in junior high when I was the first one home from school alone.

  • I just did some research, it was Skipper when they made her eyes wider to look younger, and shorter, but also made her busty. I was confused because my sister had the older Skipper too. I'd love a 1994 Skipper and Ice Cream Shop barbie now

  • Anyone know good sites about this with pics etc? The new Barbie's don't have the same sexy bodies.

  • Buy them off eBay used.

  • I still do stick to real woman. Those are the best by far. But the next greatest thing are dolls as they will never say no. I also love them badly. However I'm not down with Barbies at all. So mainstream.

    I have a Takara Jenny, a Moxie Girlz Lexa and a Nagato Yuki Obitsu. It is amazing to c** in their little p****** or a**** after kissing and sucking all over their bodies.

  • I suck there b****** as i fap

  • My barbie dolls spank me when im bad

  • We play house i only have girl dolls so teres alot of older Sisters and mommys to change my diaper when i make little misses

  • I push my hands up the skirts and dress the i like their panties before ripping off the outfit and and play tea party

  • I love when i get one of my barbie dolls and kiss them all over before sucking there b******

  • Its fun to have them kiss as i j*** it

  • I know the the feeling i suck m y dolls breast rub there sexy legs and make out with as we play house

  • I have a lot of barbie dolls :3 would you like to buy them XD

  • Yes

  • I love Barbie dolls too. I've got a my size Barbie. She's really nice to w*** over. I'm getting a stiffy thinking about it.

  • I've got a My Size Barbie. I had a latex catsuit made for her. Very sexy.

  • Get a life fools! Barbie dolls are just plastic toys not artificial woman.

  • I agreee barbie dolls are attractive and I spend much of my life trying to look like one.

  • I meant get some barbies. I was so p***** off I couldn't even type my words right. F*** you Cindy!

  • I'd go with Cindy; but I'd be thinking of Barbie.

  • You have inspired me. My stupid girlfriend just broke up with me and I'm going to be some barbies. And Cindy is you are reading this, go f*** yourself!

  • I got a b**** reading that.

  • I'm down with barbies too. I looove to rub my d*** against my barbie and j*** all over her. Damn, that feels sooooo good.

  • I love them too! They are sexier and hotter than all the girls I know. They turn me on too. I get a severe woody when I see one.

  • Try a real much better. Freak.

  • Wtf? Are you insane or just a dumbass? A barbie doll will never say no when you want to get it on, and she'll always be there for you no matter what. And, get this, she'll never lead you. She gives you no s*** or plays games and she's a cheap date. What's not to love, lameo?

  • How lameo is it when you would rather f*** a piece of plastic than real human flesh? Prolly 'cuz you can't get a real woman....L**** !!

  • Hey lameo u pepe prolly jus right size for barbie, ha,ha,ha.

  • The only real woman your lameo ass gets is the twig you j*** off with using your sweaty little girly hand cuz your d*** is too small and your face too girly, L****, femface.

  • Agreed. Real women suck, in a bad way.

  • Or maybe you suck. Its possible. In which way you decide yourself.

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