I'm tired of women who are lousy in bed

Maybe all the drinking twenty-something women do nowadays has screwed up the parts of their brains responsible for good s**, or maybe something in the food supply has dulled their s** organ nerves and made them boring in bed.

I don't know, but I'm sick and tired of going to bed with blasé babes. H***, those barbie dolls that guy does it with in another confession are probably better in bed than 99 per cent of what passes for women in their twenties today.

I'll bet women back in the sixties during the free love era did it better, and they didn't wander around bars drunk on their a**** like wasted zombies. Maybe I'll buy one of those blow up dolls and quit squandering my top-notch, love making skills on women who think f****** and sucking are two cities in China.

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  • To both the original poster and the person who commented before me...
    Stop chasing whores, tarts and immature s****.
    Speaking as a twenty-something woman who refuses to sleep around but has great s** with people I care about (and a little self respect), it might help you a little.

  • The problem with women (and GIRLS, even teenagers!!) under about 35 is that roughly 90% of the ones you find in bars have HPV or two or three STDs: they aren't s**-bombs, they're infection cluster-bombs. The fact that they're all drunk or high or bad in bed or boring or stupid (and Christ, they are SOOOO stupid) or selfish is nothing compared to the fact that they're all disease-carrying whores and the filthy, disgusting, nauseating s*** they carry around in their foul-smelling p****** can't be fixed with a few shots of penicillin.

  • One word: cougars

  • The variable has been the women. The constant has been you. The problem persists even though the variables have changed.

    That adds up to you being the problem.

    Maybe you don't have game and fail it realize/admit it.

  • It isn't just him. I've had precisely the same experience, and the situation doesn't improve by dating younger women. By the time a girl is 19, she's been inundated with so many messages telling her that egocentrism is the norm and selfishness is acceptable - and EXPECTED - that there's no way to get that out of her head or her system. Society is producing a breed of female bar rats who not only can't think of anything but themselves, they can barely think at all. Girls in their 20s and 30s are just the adult versions of that 19-year-old. No growth, no intellect, no sensitivity, no awareness, nothing. They can TAKE a f****** - h***, they can do that all day - they just can't GIVE a f******. Worthless. They are all just totally wortheless. No, it isn't this guy's game. It's the girls. Period.

  • I have had both. Girls that are horrible in bed, and girls that are mind blowing fantastic in bed. I have to agree that it is the mentality of the girl that causes them to be horrible lays. Every horrible experience I've had has been with a woman that believes that the world OWES them everything including great s** and they don't need to work at it. They think that by spreading their legs they are doing us a FAVOR and that men are the only ones that need to do anything to make it a great experience. No wonder cheating is running so rampant. Men get sucked into relationships by women because we DO get them off and then the woman does nothing to reciprocate. Man gets tired of being treated like a walking d**** and goes out to find a woman that tries to please HIM. Women cheating because their guy is tired of her ME ME ME attitude and so he stops trying. She gets frustrated and feels entitled to great s** and she goes out and finds a guy that is so excited to get s** that he doesn't care that she isn't pleasing him. Guys may be easier to please at first, but girls that are self pleasing and never reciprocate will soon either cheat or be cheated on.

  • You are absolutely totally correct, one hundred percent. My take on the "why" this is true is this. Two things pervade our culture: s** and entitlement. Both things are everywhere on television and movies, ignorant and self-centered teenaged girls who are (supposedly) all sexually active and aggressive and skilled, and teenaged girls who think the world owes them. Put those two things together and you develop a population of girls in their twenties (and thirties, I find) who are more than willing to TAKE pleasure, because they think they're entitled to good s**, but who know nothing about how to GIVE pleasure, because that part isn't about THEM, so they could give a s***. It isn't their drunkenness that's the problem; it's their miserable and completely unsufferable f****** attitudes. They are all disgusting and they all think they are God's gift. The solution? Older gals. They're the best anyway, they love to s***, and they totally totally totally understand that the best way for THEM to get pleased is for YOU to get pleased. Capiche?

  • I am a teenage girl, and I endorse this comment.

  • Well it a shame u hadn't met me before I married I dont drink and I do both of those things sober..and enjoy it..you probably need to look in different place just sayin

  • I'm just saying your husband must be one luck guy. As for the original poster, he'll find someone suitable for him if he doesn't give up. And, who knows, he might be part of the problem without realizing it yet. There are always two sides to every story.

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