I have a fetish

I love watching my girlfriend p***. I put plastic on our bed and she gets on the bed on all fours (like a dog). I love watching her p*** hole stretch and seeing her p*** come out. I love seeing her crunch her face and grunt while pushing her p*** out.

Aug 5, 2016

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  • Ah the conversation always turns to s***

  • For me, hearing someone p*** is embarrassing (never mind watching). I'm a woman and I share an apartment with my older brother (we're both college students). My brother's p*** is always big and hard. He very seldom gets constipation, but when he does, he feels uncomfortable. Last month he was constipated for 2 days. I was worried, so I rubbed his belly to help his turds move and it seemed to work a little because he farted a little. After 2 days he was finally ready to p***. I stood outside the bathroom door to make sure he was okay. I could hear him grunting while he was pushing out his turds. He had told me that one of his turds got stuck half way out, so I told him to keep pushing. After curling his toes, he had managed to push it out. I was okay with his grunting, but I felt a little embarrassed when he said "ohhhhhh sweet Jesus" while he was pushing out a t***. After he had finished pooping, he told me how relieved he was to have all his turds out (he told me that he had pushed out 6 big solid turds). Now when I go grocery shopping, I always buy high-fiber foods for my brother and I told him to drink lots of water.

  • Why would he not go buy a suppository or have an enema. Why wait 2 days. How strange.

  • Because my brother was hoping his p*** would come out naturally. Sometimes it comes out faster if you try pooping in different positions. Last year when my brother was constipated, he tried pooping lying down and it worked. He lay down and spread his legs wide apart in the air. He put his legs on his shoulders. I held his legs in place while he pooped. He grunted really loud each time he was pushing out a p*** log. I remember how glad I was when I saw his p*** hole stretching and his p*** log coming out. His p*** logs were big, so he had to grunt really loud while pushing them out. He farted a lot too. I remember how red his face was (grunting and pushing). He curled his toes while pushing too. I remember he had a huge p*** log that got stuck half way out. I told him to keep pushing (I was holding his hand). I put some olive oil on the edge of his p*** hole and he kept pushing and grunting. After he pushed it out, he said "ohhhhhhh sweet lord". He grunted out 5 big solid p*** logs. He was so tired after pooping (all the grunting, screaming, and pushing). He was so tired that I had to wipe his p*** hole for him.

  • Grunting helps to push the turds out. My dad told me that when he poops, he leans forward and grunts while pushing out his turds. He said that it helps his turds come out easier.

  • I sometimes hear people pooping in public bathrooms. The bigger the size of the t***, the louder you have to grunt while pushing it out.

  • I like plastic on my bed too

  • I love plastic on my bed. Can't say I'm into the watching bit but each to their own. You are so lucky she performes for you.

  • Yes, I'm lucky. The grunting is what turns me on the most. I just love watching her grunt her p*** out. Her p*** is usually large, so she has to grunt while pushing her p*** out. When she pushes, she crunches her face (sometimes she closes her eyes and curls her toes).

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