Drunk passed out wife saying ugh....

My wife tracy is a raging aldoholic she consumes a fifth or more of canadian whiskey . i am at my wits end i feel so resentful toward her and the love affair she has going with the booze she starts drinking from the time she gets up until she is unconcious aabout three or four in the afternoon .
my story is one day i was fed up as she lay in bed passed out i decided to uhdress her and f*** the h*** out of her i filled her p**** full of my c** and went abut my buisness with her none the wisershe , she woke up the next day and said nothing of what transpired the day before .she had no clue that i had my way with her the day before so again she passes out and i peoceed to do what i want to her fast forward next day she has no clue again i say to her you know i could bring any one in here to f*** you and you would never know she saaid oh yess she would so now i have got to prove my point.
i call my buudy dave and ask him to come over about seven tracy passes out about 420 on this particular day so at five i go in and prep her for what i have in store for her i undress her spread her legs wide apart groom her p**** with clippers and leave her spread wide.seven oclock the door bell rings it is dave .we drink a few beers and share some small talk and i tell dave about tracy and her serious alcohol problem he says to get her help but with tracy when this subject arises she drinks more. so i tell dave of how i have been having my way with tracy and her not having knowledge of it and tell him how i told her anybody could f*** her and she would be none the wiser ,dave now seems a little nervous and i ask him whats wrong he says oh nothing ,i guess it wasnt nereves he was interested where this was goin. so i just came out and asked him would you like to f*** tracy with me dave said h*** yeah sounded like it could be fun.
i told him she was in the bedroom and was ready and willing to be serviced.dave and i go into the bedroom he is almost shocked to see tracy lying on the bed spread eagle i told him i prepped her for him.dave immeiately buries his face in trcys p**** and begins to lick and suck . i here tracyys breathing pattern change it is quicker and more intense dave continues to lick tracy as i remove my pants and straddle tracys face rubbimg my c*** on her mouth,dave now stands up and removes his pants and pujjs out the biggest c*** i have ever seen length and girth are just jaw dropping at this point i say to dave well she might know after this he grins as he goes to lie next to tracy.
dave raises tracys legs and manuvers himselfso his masiive head is pressing against tarcys p**** as dave pushes the giant head in my wifes p**** she almost gasps but not quite her mouth is now open though i shove my c*** in her mouth as dave shoves his manhood deeper into tracy .he is about half way in her when suddenly i can see her legs shaking i tell dave she is going to wake up he says no she is c****** .c****** in her passed out state ?? didnt realize that was possible now dave is pushing deeper he satrs to thrust in and out of tracy it is as if though she knows what is ging on but has no control to stop it or go with it dave is now slamming that huge c*** in and out with massive strokes i am so turned on i just am doing all i can t not bust a nut dave is pulling almost all the way out and slamming all the way back into tracy ,he pulls his massive c*** out of her p**** and raises her legs higher as he rubs that big piece of meat on her a****** now iam so close to blowing my load iam dizzy with excitement .dave presses the head of that c*** against tracys ass hole and starts to push in at this point it as if though tracys ass begins to just swallow that massive c*** i blow my wad into tracys mouth as i watch dave f*** my wifes ass it is un believable her ass hole can stretch to such porportions but dave is all up in her ass and hammering away he f***** her ass hard fast and dirty for at least 20 minutes as he filled her ass with his c** .
dave and i get dressed leave the bed room and have a few more beers dave thanks me and tells me if theres anything else he can do let him know i thank him and tell him i will ,
iam so turned on by the earlier events i go to the bed room and tear of a piece before going to sleep tracys is so stretched out from daves nassive meat ,but i c** pretty quick and drift off to sleep next morning comes aand tracy gets up usual routine pours a drink sits at the table.i ask her how she feels she says ok why i just said just curious sshe tells me she had some weird dreams lastnight as she tells me about them i realize i was right anyone could f*** her and she wouldnt know the dreams were noyhing sexual.long story short tracys still drinking im still f****** her and letting others f*** her dave included.


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  • Can I come over and use your wifes p**** for a couple of hours ? I will be sure to check on her state of drunkenness so that she will never know that a total stranger was using her for a place to c** in. I will video the whole thing and you can show it to her when she is sober and use it to blackmail her for your own personal needs

  • What a wonderful night..Bride got drunk where I work the Bar and Headwaiter..My boss, noticed my wife got ill..Took her to the ladies room..After a few minutes, I entered, she was sitting up against the wall. .Told him to Check her Heartbeat. .I lifted her shirt..Had him put his head on her T***..Told him, I would return in 30 to 45 minutes..Put a few Hickies on her B******..Have more..tell you later

  • Contact me tommcam @gmail dot come I would love to be able to have s** with your wife. The only one who I have done that with is a family member and she never woke up or moved a muscle

  • You have a fantastic imagination. LOL

  • I would be glad to help with this problem if you need it.

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