Wife Gabby

Her real name is Gabriel but all o our family and friends call her Gabby .
I have posted a couple story's about her so far since she has become a shared wife .
and this last weekend we had invited a couple of our close friends that we know are safe so far from this virus and She and the two guys had been messing around and both of them ad f***** her so far and as they recovered with her nude between then on the couch still laughing and the guys feeling her up and she was laughing and fending them off with her hands as they grabbed at her t*** and p**** and things started getting interesting ad Dave started sucking n her breast and she was rolled onto her back and Carl was sucking o her other t** and fingering her sloppy p**** which had been wiped clean but still has some c** inside of her .
they finally got her onto her hands and knees and Dave had his d*** in her mouth now and a couple hands full of her dark hair as she sucked his c*** then Carl moved behind her and started to f*** her holding her hips with his hands and god I could smell their spent sperm and I heard Gabby sucking on David's d*** and her b****** were gently swing in circles underneath her .
Both of the guys had c** so I knew that it would take awhile for them to c** a second time so I went in and fixed a sandwich and got a beer .
When I came back the guys had traded places and Gabby had Carls c*** in her mouth now and David was f****** her with the two guys and Italkig and laughing while Gabby was getting c*** in her mouth and p**** .
It did take awhile and sometimes Gabby would spit his c*** out and gasp for breath and talk a little before sucking is d*** back into her mouth then Carl said hey this feels good Gabby will you swallow and she made a gagging sound as she tried to nod her head and David had speeded up now to and he was biting his lower lip as he pulled her back onto his c*** then Carl said umphhhhh and drive his c*** into her mouth forcing his 6 inch c*** all the way to the back of her throat and Gabby started to gag but then she was swallowing noisily and David's c*** fell out of her and he was trying to get her to hold still and reinsert his c*** Gabby was swallowing's gulping Carl's seed and Gabby's ass was covered with sperm and I saw that his c*** head was trying to enter her ass hole and Gabby was trying to get away and he looked at me and I just nodded my head so he grabbed her hips with most of his c*** head in her a****** and he puled her back onto his d*** and she spit out Carl's c*** went UMMMPPPHHH and fell forward onto her elbows with her face in between her hands and David was f****** her like a rabbit now with a splat splatsplatsplat sound until he moaned and drove his c*** into her and he was C******.
I watched as his c*** and b**** jerked in short strokes as he pumped his sperm up her a****** then he slowly relaxed and he was breathing gasps now his d*** still in my wife and then he slowly pulled out and ran to the bathroom to clean up.

Gabby slowly eased her body down breathing hard to for a long time then she turned and looked at me and said b****** and she started to laugh but then she said that hurt you a****** and started laughing again

Mar 21, 2020

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  • Wow this sounds so f****** hot! Your Gabby sounds sexy as h*** my p**** is wet reading about her! Would she ever consider f****** another woman!?

    Ps; your a lucky man

  • I asked her last night and after she thought about it for awhile she said that she is curious.

  • Nice! Do you take pictures of her while she f****? Do you only watch? Have you posted pictures on the web?

  • Well since this Carona virus thing we have been receiving more and more calls from guys wanting to get into my Gabriel's pants but they must be bored sitting at home.
    Gabby dose talk to them though and we are also bored wanting to get back in action.
    She has sent several guys pictures of her p**** and t*** which they in return sent us back pictures of their c** all over her t*** and p**** usually with their c*** head in the picture.
    I was so bored this morning that I made a batch of light Bread with our bread maker while she was talking with guys and in the slow cooker I made a pot of chili beans last night so when the light bread is done we will pig out.
    Damn this sitting t home sucks... Hey that gives me an Idea.

  • I would luv to see pics of your wife daviddalley408@gmail.com i like to trade pics

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