I am so fat.
I have been fat all of my life.
I weigh 200 lbs, and I'm 5'3".
I'm a 16 year old female.
I am finally sick of being this way though, and I'm doing something about.
But, I would like to have a weight loss buddy/partner. Male or female it doesnt matter. 16-25.
However, how am I supposed to ask somebody?
Either way I'm going to do it.
But..is anyone interested?

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  • I am 6'0 and i weighed 220 lbs at the beginning of the summer and I started my own variation of the Atkins diet that consisted of meat and spinach for lunch and dinner and eggs for breakfast. I lost 30lbs but gained 5 since the the cold started back up but it worked for me and it should work for you on the basis that your body will start getting used to processing fat from the meat and eggs and if you control the amount you eat say below 1500 calories a day you will lose weight pretty quick and not develop too much flab. For exercise i cycled and went to the gym from time to time to work my core. If you feel subconscious (I was really uncomfortable with my body that is why i put this) i would recommend doing crunches at night in sets of 10 or 20 if you can before you go to bed(3-4 sets and as you build resistance do more and more). When you lose it you will feel great and start to make a bunch of other changes to your self mostly because you will have a lot more confidence with yourself leading to that with other people along with more energy which should help with other things as well.

  • Good for you! You can do this. Weight Watchers could be a good start, they have teen programs and you may be able to find someone to buddy up with in your town. Maybe you can find a sport at school to join? like swimming or tennis. Something fun that doesn't feel like exercise. Share with your friends and family what your goals are so that they can support you in your efforts. Ask your friends to go on hikes/walks instead of always eating out. There are also online groups - see this link: http://www.dailystrength.org/c/Weight-Loss-For-Teens/support-group. Remember to stay positive. Don't get discouraged when the scale doesn't move. Don't make a bad day, a bad week or month. Moderation is key to everything. You'll reach your goals in no time! Good luck!

  • Girl, you're a strong person. You're obviously trying to find an answer and I respect that very much. Working out doesn't take much. My boyfriend builds his muscles all the time and boxes and such. When he comes to town, he doesn't have workout equipment, so he improvises. Do push-ups with your feet on high elevations. Do burpees. One thing he likes to do is to take two chairs, put his feet high up on on and bring himself down like he's going to sit and bring himself up. It works out his biceps. Regulating your meals helps VERY much too. I always lose weight when I do that. I only eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and maybe a small snack at night. The meals should only be enough to honestly fill you up. Finding new workout tactics are really fun. You could also start cooking your own meals so you know what you're dealing with and how to make it what you want. You sound like an ambitious girl and I'm already proud of you for putting forth effort. Now, take the next step and earn what you deserve. (:

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