How my peeping on my wife started. Part 1

My wife was always very h****.
We been married for 4 years when she first cheated on me. Our s** life was alway great.
We got married i was 20 she was 19. I had a son when we got married from another relationship.
She always had multiple orgasium during s**.
3 or 4 times. Now I realize later on it wasn’t me it was just her s** drive.
I found out about her cheating the first time from our son.
My wife was at work and my son and i was watching tv. He said mom has a boyfriend.
Just said it like it was no big deal.
I laughed and said what do you mean?
I work 12 hour shifts 6 pm to 6 am
He said when mom puts me in bed Dave always
Comes over and mom wrestles and kisses him.
Now I’m in shock. So with out thinking i quiz my son for details. Now he don’t understand
Mom is doing anything wrong so he tells me everything. His bedroom was above the living room. Has a vent to let heat upstairs.
So when he would hear mom talking to someone he would watch.
He explained when i asked. They would get undressed and kiss and move around on top each other on the couch.
After some time to think about i was hurt but wanted to find out.
My sons spying through vent made me think i could call off work and open blinds enough to see.
So the next evening I kissed Lisa my wife and pretended to go to work.
At 9 pm it was dark enough i was at window watching my wife and son. Soon she sends him to bed.
Not 10 min later Dave is at door, our neighbor who lives with his parents still he’s 20 3 years younger than Lisa at the time was 23.
Lisa just had on one of my t shirts. He is kissing
Her and he has his arms around her raising the shirt up and i can see she had put on some sexy red panties.
Now most men would of stormed the house at this point. At time that was my plan but I didn’t,
Yes but i think back i was aroused watching.
Lisa is a petite girl. She’s only 5 foot and barely over 100 pounds. Small firm sky sloped t*** and
Round little bubble butt .so when i seen her butt in those red panties and Dave reaching down and squeezing it i was i hypnotized.
They were embarrassed in a kiss that would steam up any bedroom.
They broke and she slid down and pulled down his sweat pants he had on . No jealousy here he was smaller that me, much smaller round and long he might of been 4 inches maybe 5
She started sucking him. Not even realizing it i had my hand holding my c*** through my pants. After watching Lisa’s head bib up and down on his little c*** for a few min Dave’s hand was in her long blonde hair guiding her.
She pulled away and stood up slipping my shirt off and quickly pulling panties off and set back on couch.
Dave got down and started eating her.
What’s my first thought? I should of f***** her before i left. For obvious reasons lol.
She shoved him back on floor and straddling him guided his little p**** in her.
I’m watching my wife bounce up and down on some one else, her ass bouncing up and down.
I can hear her morning. And then she raised up in time for him to shoot his load all over her ass. A wave hit me I dropped to me knees and without any control i shot a load all over in my pants. It was my first multiple and i set leaning against house as i c** twice back to back.
I know this part was long but this is what started my obsession with spying on my wife.
The next morning i never said anything. Lisa went to work. Mike my son and i was home alone. Not knowing why, i ask him did mom have anyone over last night? He said yes Dave was. She pinned him dad. He tried to get up but she kept bouncing in him and held him down.
I laughed, So mom won then?
He said yes but Dave tricked her and when she rolled off he pinned her. (I skipped that part for story/confession length) they went for 4 hours.
It was 1 in morning before he left.
I said Mike you shouldn’t spy on your mom.
She would be upset so don’t ever tell her, okay.
I didn’t tell Lisa I knew for a few weeks.
I knew she would not leave me for that geek.
I couldn’t watch much because of work but i got my schedule changed for a week where i worked 10 to 6 am so i could see for an hour.
The s** between us got hotter for me anyway.
I found myself coming more and quicker with her. Thinking of her being f***** by him put my over the edge. About a week after first time i watched them. I f***** her before i left to work
I dumped a huge load in her i came early making the excuse I would be late for work. So she didn’t c**.
That night she would not let him eat her.
He tried but she would push him away and i one again watched the guy pound my wife
Into the carpet and then she would ride him like a cowgirl.
After I confronted her she stopped but i never stopped spying.
Every one in awhile when i had the opportunity
I would spy.
One night in particular stands out, It was in the winter this was about a year later so Lisa was 24 or 25 Our son was 6 or 7.
Lisa and Mike was on the couch and lisa took the blanket and covered up. I have watched her in secret many times masterbating so when i saw how she set in the corner of couch,(her favorite place) and slip her hands under the blanket i knew what she was doing. Mike was 3 feet from her she had my t shirt on again. And she took her panties off under blanket and set them on end table. I could see suttle movements Mike was watching tv not paying any attention. Lisa laid her head back and closed her eyes holding her lips tight together i could tell she was c******.
She got up and went to bathroom and took a shower. When she came out her hair was wet and sexy she put on another night shirt of her own and her damp skin had it sticking to her.
I wanted to go in and f*** her right there.
She sent mike to bed and set back on couch.
As she was watching tv i realize she was rubbing herself. She put no panties back on.
Its winter and im about to leave its going on 10 and i have to get to work. But all at ine she gets up and runs to door.
Its a guy I recognized from her work. Tom.
He’s about 50 and has a grey beard. He is her dads age and hw is married.I think wtf then it occurred to me she only in t shirt.
He comes in and sets down she goes to kitchen i can see him looking at her backside as she walks away.
I’m late for work, i txt and say had car trouble will be late. She comes back in with a beer and hands it to him. Sets on couch facing him to his left. They were talking i can make out most it was nervous talk about work and such.
Then she put her hand on his leg. She leaned in and kissed him. Then they were making out she slides onto his lap sideways and he had has hand going up her shirt when he struck home she parted her legs and thrusted her hips once uncontrollably.
I heard her say I thought you would not come over.
And she laud her head on his shoulder like a daughter would but daddy lol was masterbating her. Her breathing was heavy and she stood up quickly and stood in front of him and sliped her shirt off.
Getting down on her knees she pulled at his pants with his help and took his c*** in her mouth like a hungry dog.
He was chubby had a short fat c*** she buried he face in his pubic hair and sucked i thought he was going to c** but she pulled off and with his pants at his ankles she climbed up
And guided him in with a l*** filled look on her eyes i have never seen. She set down im 3 feet on other side of blinds and window and she lets out a moan that would make every man in ear shot get hard. Two or three thrust and he was shooting his load. She was having an orgasium like one has when it your first time.
She jerked and thrust her hips forward, i had my c*** out and i came holding myself not to fall to my knees. I had to watch. She collapsed on his chest and a few minutes gi by she gets up and stumbled to bathroom c** running down the inside of her legs.
He filled her up.
She returned a few minutes later naked and sat down . Tom still setting with pants down.
She laughs at him leaning over kissing him on cheek. She reached down and took hold of his slimy c*** it was shot.
A little bit later he left.
I will write more about my stories and fantasies
Of her if you like.
There is more alot more
Thank you for reading

Jan 5, 2020

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  • Confront her again or tell tom's wife about it so she beats his ass

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