Jealous husband

I been married 10 years, my husband is extremely jealous. I am 34 and 115 lbs 5 foot tall and have to dress extremely conservative when i am out in public. My husband dont like me showing my body. He says my round butt makes too many eyes wonder.
He keeps tabs on my phone who i talk to and everything we get in arguments about it.
The only guy he ever let me talk to or be friends with is his best friend mike.
lol Mike is a heavy set goof of a guy. He is always with my husband when they are not working.
comes over and watches football and everthing.
Mike's wife is like him heavy/fat and comes over sometimes but Her and i really get along but are not what you would call good friends.
well my husband had to go to New york last
month . its once a year company meeting.
Thursday evening i was talking to him on phone and he was in his jealous state again. Mike had stoped over to watch The game. he did not know or forgot my husband was gone. i invited him in anyway figured i could watch game with him. My ass if a husband actually was accusing me with him.
i laugh at him and kinda get angry. the one guy
that is not attractive and his best friend?
i was p***** we cut conversation short and i hung up.
I went back in and set with Mike soon we were watching game and i kept stewing about my better half trust issues . i had enough i guess.
i look down im wearing baggy sweats and long sleave shirt like he would want .
i mutter to my self F*** this.
and get up and go change.
i put on a pair of shorts and a tank top.
and come back to watch game.
Mike said wow looking good Tina. I laughed and sat down. Half embarassed i set down.
He said Dave said you dont, like to wear shorts
and stuff said u have varicose veins and was embarrassed by them.
I laughed and said no see and stood up and spun around showing my legs.
Then i got thinking the sob told him this how many has he told .
Im p*****.
So i said in fact my entire body is as smooth as my legs are. He’s smiled and said i guess i will have to take your word for it.
I thought for a second and said no you don’t.
And i took my shirt off standing in front of him in my bra.
And turn my back before he can say anything and pull my shorts down and bending over giving him a good look at my ass.
I turned around and ball game is over . Lol
I asked well what do you think? In a timid voice he said yea ah .
Looks nice.
I smile at him and say wait i reach back and unhook my bra. Take it off squeezing my b**** and say see no marks here either.
I slip my panties off and expose my shaved mound and turn around 360.
He just looks at me and says nothing.
I turn my back to him and smack my butt.
So now you see Dave lied to you?
He shook his head in agreement.
The i think oh s*** i realize i crossed the line.
Mike was just setting there staring at my p**** I start to put my hand over it then i stop i could see this fat ass had a b**** bulging in his pants.
I said oh what the h***. I climb on his lap straddling him. Lean forward ands raise up and put my t** against his mouth he snapped out of it and started sucking it. His hands reach around and sqeeze my ass
I reach down and un button his pants reached in and took hold of a c*** twice the diameter of my husband’s.
I have to see so i slide off his lap onto floor he raised his hips and I pulled his pants and underwear off.
He was huge. Forgetting about his big belly i lean forward and put the tip in my mouth.
He was all of 7 inches and my hand couldn’t close around it.. I stretch my mouth over the til and nibble on it while i take both hands and stroke it.
Im not getting revenge now i am h****.
After a minute I climbed back up and lined him up with my dripping p****.
I lower myself felling him stretching me out. It felt like he was ripping me apart at same time
I was on the edge of a massive o*****.
I start raising up and its like a big vacuum sucking back down.
I set clear down and swear i would o came with out any more moving but my hips involuntarily
Started thrusting and i lost myself on him. I had electric running through me as wave after wave
Of indescribable pleasure hit every inch of my body. It seem like it was going to last forever.
It would ease up then intensify again to the point I almost blacked out.
I felt him c****** his c*** pulsed and filled me , my p**** pulsed and it was stretched so tight i felt like pressure as c** squeezed around
His c*** and leaked out.
My body finally gave out and i sink to his chest laying on his soft huge gut.
I caught my breath and looked up at him.
Wow i said.
He held my for a minute then i tried to get up on wobbly legs and made my way to bathroom.
Leaking all the way.
We talked and agreed to keep it between us and he left a bit later.
The next day my p**** was throbbing.
My lips were puffy and sore.
That afternoon Mike stoped over and we were talking alittle.
I wanted him again so we started kissing we just got undressed and Dave was calling.
I told Mike i had to answer it.
I talked for a minute standing naked in middle of living room and i wave to Mike to follow me
We got to bedroom and Dave was telling me he was sorry fir accusing me with Mike.
I said it was okay and we started talking about other stuff.
He said it was dumb of him to think i would do
Mess around with someone like Mike.
I set on edge of bed and lay back hoping he will get off phone soon.
Mike took it as an invitation and got between my legs his huge c*** throbbing in the air.
I shook my head no, and said wait.
Dave said wait for what?
Oh i was talking to our dog I thought quickly.
Mike pressed his c*** at my swelled lips
I open my legs further and he pushed in.
I let out a slight moan. Dave didn’t pay attention.
I had to get off Phone so i told him i need to take out the dog and hurried off.
Mike plowed me into the matress
My toes curled my legs around his big ass
He f***** me al to the point of passing out.
I convulsed with ripping wave o***** after another.
I was having trouble catching my breath. My head was hitting the head board.
He is fat but he has energy.
He pounded me till one last thrust i felt him c**. It felt like a fire hose spraying my insides he pulled out. And I cannot describ how much there was it was still coming sprayed me on the t*** hair face he was moaning as I looked down and could see it pulsing as his c*** jumped
I said stick it back in.
He did i scream out in pain and pleasure as he pounded me with every pulse of his c***.
That was a month ago
I feel no guilt.
And of course will f*** him again.

Jan 13, 2020

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  • Nice move s***

  • I guess he was wrong to be jealous and accuse you. It's not like you would go out and f*** some random guy, let alone his best friend. Oh wait never mind. Get that D baby!

  • Hubby deserves the truth

  • Sounds like hubby’s been asking for it ... now you’re getting it!

  • Go for it

  • Go on then

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