I was an older virgin

I was 30 when I lost my virginity. I had the urges, the desire for s**, but I felt like guys didn't find me attractive even though I thought I was cute. I lost my virginity in December 2011 to a guy that I didn't know that well. He was the one to initiate the conversation about having s**. I told him that I was a virgin and that he probably wouldn't have a good time. He was ok with me being a virgin. He made me feel comfortable and took his time. It was really nice and felt even better. He called me the next day to ask me if I regretted losing my virginity. I told him that I didn't regret anything. We still get together a few times a month to have s**. It feels so good to have him inside of me and to have a guy touching my body (especially my b******). There have been many times when I wanted to spend the whole day in bed (doing different things)...to be exhausted in the end. It just feels so good.

It's nice to know that he likes my body even though it isn't perfect. I am short, ~15 lbs overweight, and top heavy. I have already lost 25 lbs. and still working to lose the weight, but I digress. I smile whenever I think about what he told me when he first saw me naked. I was a little shy about having him see me naked and he knew it. I watched him watch me as I took off my clothes. He told me that I had nothing to be shy about. I'm still modest, but I still enjoy going slow when I take my clothes off. I like to watch him watch me.

Nov 16, 2012

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  • Whew . . . now I don't feel so bad as I was also 30 before I lost my virginity. Good to know I'm not the only one in that boat.

  • I'm glad you found someone who treated you well when taking your virginity and who appreciates your body and you, as you are. It's okay to be a late bloomer. :)

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