I'm Frustrated Pt.2

I really want the guy I thought he was during like.. the first year. someone sweet and loving.. A "nice guy" I know when we DO break-up I won't jump into a relationship immediately .. It would only be healthy to spend time alone. And loose the dependence. But I really miss the "Prince Charming" I thought he was. You guys don't understand we were soooo in love. Head over hills.. I still love him.. I'm in love with him but not like I was before. He changed. And constantly incriminates me for the LITTLE wrong that I do or have ever done. I want to feel loved again, happy. When we have s**, sometimes I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Like.. His little s** slave or something. He actually had the audacity to doubt my prior virginity because I didn't bleed or whatever the first time we had s**. But that means I would have had lost my virginity at 14..but knowing me.. he should know that's not how I was , ever have been or ever will be. Im tired.. This has ruined myself esteem among other things.. and I'm like soooo over it. :/
- Heartbroken.

Jun 22, 2012

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  • Sometimes it takes a long time for a person's true colors to come out but maybe this is the guy he really is. In any case, I understand you're nostalgic for that loving, caring 'prince charming' guy and you're waiting for him to come back but if he treats you like a s** slave or if he EVER abuses you (even if it's once and he apologizes), leave him. It might be hard but you shouldnt put up with that..


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