I wanna cause pain- how it feels

I just once I'd like to really cause someone some physicical pain. Just today had a feeling like I wanted to hit someone. I was in chorus and we were discussing what we could do for the play and. No one like my Idea which was the best, b/c if it wasn't I wouldn't have said anything . And then everyone was liking the letter in a bottle idea and my mood switched. This girl who is my friend was sitting on the floor infront if me and her head was right there. I ha the sudden urge to just kick her in her head and then my friend said something and i told her she better leave me alone before I punch her. I just wanna see why it feels like to make someone be in so much pain and helpless . But I'm a really loving an touchy person , so I don't understand why.

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  • You go for SGP......schoolgirl pin....that is sitting high up on chest or face of your victim....this will satisfy your hidden subconscious fetishes to hit others.
    SGP does not involve physical pain.

    But when you sit full weight on chest of your victim,pressing his head in between your thighs,seeing fear and tears in his/her eyes......you enjoy your dominating position by seeing the predicament and humiliation of your victim.....

    There are some people who like to be sat upon their chest and enjoy submissiveness.......you can search or find them.....

  • You are a serial something...not sure what but for the fact that you enjoy inflicting pain on others..its not good. GET HELP!!!!!

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