Stomach growling fetish

Hi, I'm a 12 year old girl. I like it when boys come near and show me there stomach and it growls aaaaaaaa! PLease, if any desperate little f***** has this fetish, romp with me!!

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  • You there hun..

  • I popp your preteen cherrie baby. Have you hair on your little p****..

  • We want to keep jumping into bed with people not out of degeneracy, but because we are lonely. Sometimes we mistaken s** for connection and acceptance.your sexual crave craving you feel so exciting because you read the, as proofs od someone else open-ended affection. Ideally what do you really indulge? the carnal pleasure or the feeling that someone is with you

  • You need your ass spanked hunn stay off this site...

  • You should be grounded for eternity so you can have some time to think about what you did here.

  • Agreed me if she was our little girl she would have trouble sitting for.a long time. Were the h*** are their parents....

  • I know. wtf. and her mouth is poison. wash that out!

  • Do you mind me asking. Have you got children as my husband and i go too church and its heart breaking seeing these young children and teenagers on here writeing some nastie stuff. If you do have children do you mind me asking also if yous use spanking as part off discipline as my husband and i do...

  • We have three daughters and I guarantee none off them would be ever on a site like this and a month or so grounding with early bedtime and a good mouth wash out with soap as you said every evening before bed. I can guarantee you also that child like our daughters many times would be most certainley sleeping on her tummy. Were the h*** are the parents...

  • My husband and I have 2 kids, ages 8 and 13, and we don't allow them to be on the internet, we make them read books (a rarity these days), and we eat dinner together as a family every night. Now the schools want them to do homework on the internet, which drives us crazy. There is nothing wrong with a pencil and paper, and let's not raise a bunch of degenerates. When I see posts like the original poster, I shake my head and think we are witnessing the downfall of civilization.

  • I apolagise if I offended you in anyway. Its part off discipline we use on our kids..

  • I hope i did not offend you..

  • Meant too say that it realy is heart breaking too see our children these days being allowed too just do and say as they please. That little girl that sent original post im sure is a sweet little girl without guideance and love and know boundaries. Poor little girl.

  • Thaths the truth hun. But we cant blame the children. We allow our girls very little internet accsess and our younger two still have not got phones. Our eldest daughter has one but we monitore her useage and history. Im just after putting our middle daughter in her room and had too spank her. She refused too take a shower and turn off her tv and i had giveing her three warnings. Sorry and i hope your not offended that we use spanking as part off discipline in our home. But shes in her room now with a red bare spanked bottom. Amazes me too know end how they allways answer back. You sound like an amazeing mother and wonderfull family...mommy off three darlings and very loveing husband and father..

  • Lay off the fetish. You are too young to be into things like that. Study in school and stick with other girls your age. Boys and fetishes can wait.

    Hopefully, you won't run into some perverted boy or ever worse some pervert of a grown man.

  • Way too f****** young..

  • Get off this site little girl and were are your parents. If you were one off our kids you would be grounded for such a long time and i can promise you my little girl your panties would be off you in a flash as either my husband and i would tann your bare buns. Hope your parents find out your on here and do just that....

  • You there..

  • Hi and 13 and would love too meet you. I would love too see your t*** and v*****. Have you even got hair on your v***** and still wareing a training bra. I just finished witt my girlfriend last week.

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