So confussed

Been in a relationship for 5 years. Everything seemed fine to me. But just two days ago he decided he wasn't a "family man" anymore (I have one child from a previous relationship, we have one together). I of course pleaded with him to stay an work things out for the kids sake an he agreed but now more an more I'm thinking there is something going on behind my back. He always has some excuse to go somewhere an never comes home till late. When I call he almost never answers, only to call me back a few minutes later...I just keep trying to think its nothing but it's killing me inside not knowing for sure. I love this man an I'm pretty desperate to keep this family together. Any suggestions or your thoughts on it would be appriciated. Thanks.

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  • Need to sit down with him and have a long talk, pack his bag's, see what he does? You can gave him a choice, we talk now about this matter, or you leave, see you in court,99% the time you're man is cheating on you with another woman, just give him the choice? He stay or leave,

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