Dont know what to do

Im 22 and almost everyone that i know has kids and have ok lifes. and everyone keeps b******* at me to start soon but i dont know what to do i dont want kids yet but i do want a girlfriend. i know i not the ugliest person in the world its just im very shy and i dont know what to do but i keep trying. i even been trying on craigslist and all i get is stupid ads to join dating sites but i just want to meet someone and talk for a bit. i just need someone if any one can help or wants to talk post me your e-mail.

Nov 19, 2012

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  • If you want it to happen, it will happen for you. Expand your sights and join other dating sites like eharmony, plentyoffish, and match. Look for someone nice that has the same interests as you and start the conversation. Even consider joining meet-up groups etc. And since your friends are pressuring you, maybe they know some single girls that would be a good to set you up with. You shouldn't have to justify where you are in your life, everyone moves at their own pace. Your friends need to give you a abreak. What your friends want may not be what you want, and that's okay. Keep trying! You never know who you may meet in the crowd.

  • You don't want children? Who will love and care for you when you are old? There's no shame in asking your parents to help you find a nice girl. That's what my brother did, and now he's married with one child and another on the way.

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