Those poor little babies...

I saw this really sad and graphic documentary about abortion. It was called the Silent Scream and it really made me cry. I don't know why I feel like this as I'm only 14 and it's not like abortions affect me in any way. On the way home from school today, i saw a newborn baby crying, and i felt really choked up. I saw the documentary on saturday and I cried on saturday night AND Sunday night because of it. Now I have this on-going sad little lump in my throat and i woke up today with a swirly feeling in my stomach. They showed all these poor little dead babies in the documentary and I went to school today and I kept feeling really sad and replaying the documentary in my head. I dont know when im going to get over what i saw. Im scared im going to burst into tears in the middle of school. Why do people do this to innocent babies WHY



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  • Do you cry... and cry... and cry some more when actual living people are killed or made to suffer?

    Didn't think so.

  • Okay, OP here. I’m 21 now and I’m firmly pro-choice. I’m a little embarrassed by this post lol.

  • You should be a lot embarrassed by it. But not as much as people who get a lot older than you before they wise up

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