Sniffing my wife's daughters knickers

Hi guys I'd like to here from girls if poss. About what they think of me doing this. I can't stop myself from waiting for my step daughter come home from school and get in the shower. Cos then I go into her room and get the pants she has just taken off I put them to my nose and mouth and sniff them and suck the crotch. She has the sweetest p**** and bum Iv ever tasted. They are always wet with her juice. Iv tried to stop but the moment I here the Barthroom door shut. That's it I'm in her pants. She was fifteen when I first did this. I'm I wrong in doing this. I'm not hurting anyone am I. X



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  • I do it as well it's ok u ain't hurting her

  • I do the same

  • I love to wear, sniff, j******* with silk lace sexy bikinis panties

  • I love to sniff knickers in my home town of Leicester.

  • I love to sniff little school panties.white cotton with plenty of p**** juice in.

  • I love sniffing my 18yo stepdaughters knickers. She leaves them lying on the bathroom floor. I sniff them and w*** into them.

  • Pedo

  • I love sniffing and wanking into my 15 year old step daughter's knickers. She got drunk recently and I took the opportunity to lick her p****, it tasted so good. I pulled her knickers down and wanked onto her p**** then pulled her but knickers back up. I so wanted to s**** her.

  • I love s

  • I like to have two pairs to use, one to sniff as I w*** and spurt my thick s****-jets into the other. I find smelling a pair of used teenagers knickers makes you s**** more, anyone agree?

  • Mmm yes please

  • Mmmmmm yes they taste lovely

  • When I was in my early teens I had a paper round and the shop owners was freindly ,so use to ask if I could the bathroom , I saw the washing basket ,which opened and saw her knickers from yesterday with crusty c*** cream , so I get them a lick and lick so it was back to a wet state and eat all cream off them and left them clean . She was a hot lady . So about a once a fortnight I asked to use to use the bathroom , besides cleaning her knickers ,I use shot my load in her bras . Once I went into their bedroom and spuck on clean pair of bras and the next few days I was wondering weather she was wearing her spuck filled bras .Happy days

  • I love to get H**** with daddy daughter

  • The first time i sniffed panties was while i worked on cruise ships. i got a job as a tourist class bed room steward, on my first morning i was cleaning the bathroom in the second cabin when i caught sight of a pair of bright red knickers poking out under a bathtowel. i suddenly got the tremble i get when aroused so i pulled them out and to my amszzzment they were extremely creamy and i just ran my toungue acoss the creamy gusset and my erection was as hard as i could ever remember i licked them dry and e********* in less than two minuetes igrabbed the towel and caught a quadruple spurt of young s**** in it i swear i was exausted and shaking and was the most erotic experience of my life.

  • Any other married guys ever get off thinking about other men sniffing and spunking in your wifes dirty knickers every time I sniff my wifes I think about another man sniffing her knickers

  • Yes all the time, love that thought

  • I put my wife's knickers at the top of the washing basket in the bathroom when I know friends or relatives are visiting. Two so far have spunked in them. A mate and a workman. Big turn on. I added my c** to theirs.

  • Come on her face

  • I'm in Newport, south Wales, I don't have to imagine another bloke c****** in my partners p****, we're swinger's and she f***'s other blokes anyway, I'm 52 she's 24

  • Wow I'm from Cardiff and I'd love to sniff and lick and c** in your gf p**** or even just her used panties

  • Also cardiff sounds good
    sniffing a girls knickers from last night right now

  • A lot, man, I often sniff the wifes panties and think of other men shooting their c** in her c***.

  • U like man c**?

  • I would find it an honour to sniff your good ladies panties

  • This may seem weird but when I'm sniffing my wifes dirty knickers all I can think about is other men sniffing and s**** in all over her stained smelly knickers gussetts am I the only one or do other men have same thoughts instant h****** when I think about seeing other men sniffing her knickers

  • I love the thought of other guys sniffing licking and c****** in my wife's dirty smelly knickers and I love to leave them out for friends and work men to find and use :-)

  • Me to its so h****

  • My boyfriend like smelling my dirty knickers and other women's knickers too. Seeing doing that turn me on and I'm looking to find some woman who want him to smell they dirty knickers.

  • Ide love him to smell my wifes knickers

  • I will poot my two fingers up your love tube

  • I. Love A big women because they are hotter and smell stronger and the c** more

  • I have the same fantasy I let one guy smell me gf's was the best w*** I ever had .... got to be a thong tho

  • Your a lucky guy would love to see that with my wifes dirty panties

  • I would love to lick them after the gym

  • I love sniffing my wifes dirty knickers the smell and stains drive me crazy but would really love other men to sniff her dirty knickers

  • I know this story is a little weird and most women/mothers would be outraged but last year I came home one night to find my husband sniffing our daughters panties. I was mad at him first but kinda knew he had a dark side and could see by how hard his c*** was how h**** sniffing them had got him. I don't know why but I said if he wanted to continue I wouldn't stop him. so he picked them back up and put them other his face sniffing them while jerking his c*** again. I moved down and started sucking his c*** within 5 minutes he had shot his c** in my mouth. we chatted for a while after and he explained that he couldn't help it. I love my husband very much and although I found it weird at first I let him do it all the time now and even started finding it kinky myself. sometimes now I put her clothes/uniform on and we role-play that I was her and in all honesty it's the most kinky and best s** we have had

  • Wow what a sexy h**** story I love it. X

  • How old is your daughter?

  • How old?

  • What would you do if you came home and he was b**** deep in her though?

  • That's fkin wierd

  • I have a 17 year old daughter who always works out at the gym and always goes for a shower when she comes home. After she has taken her clothes off and goes to the shower I go into her room and pick up her knickers and shorts and press the sweaty items into my face and sniff in the aroma and lick the crotch of her knickers. Should a mother behave like this ?

  • Yes

  • Wired

  • Wow

  • More mothers should behave like that!

  • Do you rub your wet p**** and think about eating her wet p**** too???

  • That is so f****** hot!!!!

  • It's because you like her, try getting with her or at least tell her your feeling for her

  • Im a painter I go into teens bedrooms when there's no one in the house, i sniff the c** and juice out of their knickers. Or I go into the wssh basket It drives my b**** mad

  • I do that too I just love to lick the crotch and wear them on my head mmmm

  • Good man me too

  • It's a part of the job, smelling tasting there creamy goo

  • I love smelling dirty knickers

  • Sniff my wifes knickers please

  • I would love to tell me how to contact you

  • I'll sniff them

  • Just got my Stepdaughter,s dirty stained smelly knickers out the wash basket
    Wendy wiliams her name she is fifteen, just sniffed the gusset it stinks of musky c*** and pee ive licked it all tangy salty

  • The pee is lovely

  • My step daughters 16 I often take her knickers out of washing when on my own have a good sniff and w*** then blow my load over her smelly stained gusset

  • F****** right

  • That's so h****, I've done the same shooting thick s**** into the gusset

  • Id lick her c*** stains and w*** into her nickers

  • Love you to do that with my wifes dirty knickers

  • Yer a dirty feckin,c*** rotten pervert,thats wat yer are,and you know yer are

  • What does it matter, if someone likes to smell a younger girls dirty knickers those worn all day at school must stink of her pee and v*****, and those smells turn a lot of us on

  • Schoolgirls sweaty knickers are best thing to taste in the world those p***** and s*** stains smell and taste so sweet you Tonge licking her s****** cack stain brown stinking her p***** so yellow stained on her gusset god I'm gonna s****

  • Ilove s***** panties

  • When I lived with my ex her 18 year old daughter always used to leave her dirty panties on the bathroom floor after showering even though she knew I would be showering after her when I got in from work I used to have the most amazing w***s sucking and licking the dirty gussets

  • My step daughters do the same, I'm sure they leave them out for a reason

  • Instead on sniffing excretion from the young lady's crotch, maybe you should know that "here" and "hear" have different meanings.

  • Yes I to love to smell next doors teens dirty , smelly pee and f**** smelling knickers. I first got a pair of her dirty white school knickers, the smell of her stained gusset and the feel of the dirty smelly cotton gusset is fantastic, I m********* all over the dirty gusset then sneak them back, I have a h****** thinking about her smelly pants.

  • I will come all night on theme in theme over theme.F******

  • I smell my wifes dirty smelly knickers she wears white smelly knickers, I also like to smell my own pee stained underpants, I w*** until I explode my wife helps me.

  • No i dont w*** into her knickers , just loved the smell of p**** so much, id like to get her friends knickers as well she has some hot friends,

  • Love you to sniff my wifes dirty knickers

  • I love licking and sucking all Teens Girls panties

  • I to love to smell knickers pee and yellow stained the better, I love dirty white knickers my neice who is 14 her kknickers stink

  • 14 is bad

  • W*** in them

  • Teens are the best, the c** fly's out of them.

  • People like you are vile

  • Cop on

  • And people like you are secret wankers looking at pervy sites - your issue is?

  • Well said probably wanking now

  • My name is Steve and I love to smell dirty smelly stinky knickers and w*** into them.

  • My name is phil and I love sniffing my wifes dirty panties I would also love to see another man sniffing and using her dirty panties

  • Cool i would love stick my c*** in your girlfriend p****.

  • That would make you gay seeing another man doing it

  • I love the a****** smell

  • Phil i suddenly felt i had to comment id love to smell and lick your wifes smelly knickers mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • I would probably do that too... If she was hot. Do u ever w*** into her panties?

  • I love to steal my neices dirty smelly white big school knickers, the dirty yellow stained gusset stinks I smell them the stains on my nose this gives me a h******, I tben w*** into the stinky gusset until I fill the gusset with s****.

  • I w*** into my neices dirty smelly knickers first though I pull them on my head to smell her stink, then its my underpants down and a good long w***.

  • Hi sorry i dont know your name but i love wet sticky smelly knickers and i need a lovely young girl who will let me sniff and suck her knickers, if you live in the uk maybe we could chat on fb, and maybe i could buy you knickers, bob, xx

  • Hi I live in UK and I've just set a little website up come be my first customer :-)

  • Hi my name is Steve I love to smell dirty smelly knickers and my own pee stained underpants, I put both dirty pants on my head and smell their stink. Years ago I stole a pair of my sister in laws dirty knickers and wanked into them they stunk of her f**** and her wee.

  • I too love stinking yellow stained knickers that smell of my neices pee and c***, I put the dirty gusset to my nose and smell up her dirty stinking white knickers in no time I c** so much s**** I fill my underpants with my milk, wearing the knicker gusset to my nose leaves the stink of the dirty girls undies on my nose, I really need to give her a hard spanking for wearing peed in yellow stained knickers.

  • I am wanking in a pissie pair now

  • Last year when i was fifteen, i went into my room after my mothers boyfriend went in their and i noticed that the underwear i left on my bed had moved. The bra was upturned and the panties were hanging off the bed.
    I think he went in to turn down my music or something. Anyway I was so turned on by it.
    i also think his 18 year old son stole one of my bra's to w*** into cos i found it in his room with a filthy sock one day. this also turned me on. I'm now 16 and i purposely buy underwear i know they would like.

  • You are a very good girl and should feel gteat about it as your obvs dead fit. Fancy wering a pair for 3days and doing some sportbid love to snellv your teenage c***. I wiil pay you well if you inckude a pic.and some lovely knickd so i can smell and tsste you while wanj myself inrtp oblivion. Canvi lick bunbole too?

  • You are such a giod gidl the thought of the power your sweet tight p**** has must make you feel good i. Would lovre to sniff and w*** over your kinc.ikers. and lwt you watch. Do you haveca nuc balled c***? Bet you do and bet you the k***.

  • We're do you live I'll come do it

  • Ya I think most girls do

  • Wear do u live??

  • Just like my sister karen,s dirty knickers musky

  • Realy dirty

  • I once stole my sister in law Caroles dirty knickers from her wash bin, they her work knickers I think as they were white ordinary and big but the gusset was stained yellow and very smelly, they stunk of her pee and c*** and sweat. I gave y self a spanking for stealing them then put them on my head and wanked myself until I came all over and inside my underpants.

  • I stole my neighbour Anne's dirty smelly stained knickers, I wanked I to them my s**** covered the smelly gusset then I put the stinking pants back I to her wash basket

  • Love to s**** in knickers

  • Love you to s**** in my wifes dirty knickers

  • Me too

  • I to love to . I just love s**** all over young teenagers dirty, smelly knickers I like to put the gusset with yellow stains in to my nose and smell up her stink then w***.

  • I too have spunked all over the dirty smelly pee stained knicker gusset of my young neices knicker, I will now fill my white y-fronts with lots of my s****, by the way my underpants are smelly with yellow stains all up rhe front. J

  • There is much to say but you are a sick b******.. Seek help

  • The reason I sniff pantys is because I find it a problem getting hard for s**. I have rather a large c*** at just under nine inches. It's been in the last four years that the problem started. Think it's stress from my long time ex. So when I sniff pantys I get very hard. My new wife left me because of my c***. And she has a guy well over ten inches. And as hard as iron. So I can't blame her. But that don't help me that's more stress. I just wish I could get her daughters knickers again. And I would get hard to F***** her. She is seventeen now.. I would have F***** her at fifteen. Cos she is so hot.. come on girls help me out let me know what you think of me. And my wife leaving . For that reason. Xxbob

  • I'm 16 and a girl and I think you have some sick, sick, SICK, thoughts.

  • Do u wear panties ??????

  • Well clean your p**** and don't read p***

  • Will you send Me your knickers I love to w*** over them. Bett you have a lovely tight bald p**** and a***.

  • My willie is normal size 5 and a 1/2 inch but I smell knickers because I love the stink of them white deep sided are best to show stains, I wear 4nem on my head gusset on my nose smelling the gusset stink until whist pulling my willie I come all over my white pee stained froted underpants

  • I think you are a sick, sick old man im a 15 year old girl!!!!!!!

  • I lick ur little p****

  • Let me suck the juices out of your smelly knickers while I spuck all over your face.

  • Id love to sniff your knickers while f****** your tight c*** and dildoing your arsehole mmm 15 f****** perfect. Just shot my load everywhere thanks babe.

  • Id smash you bits with. My nich inchet.

  • Here here if i found a perv like him near my daughter he will be wearing his b**** as a bobble hat

  • Smell the fish!!

  • I just love to put on my head my wife Janets dirty smelly stained knickers which stink of her wee, sweat and her smelly c***, white knickers are best as the deep yellow stain shows completely in her dirty knicker gusset they sometimes stink the stink though makes my willie hard and I w*** until I explode all over myself with my s****. I then were the stinky knickers my self and during the day if they are very dirty i can smell her smelly stinking knickers every time I move. If there are no dirty knickers in the wash basket then my own diety wee stained underpants these I will smell and w*** with.
    I realy love smelly stinking underpants and knickers with wee stains.

  • Love you to sniff my wifes dirty knickers

  • Big white knickers that are very, very dirty and stinking in the gusset with a big yellow wee stain, that always stinks of her f**** and wee, tha yellow stain I place on my hose then siff up her very, very dirty stinky knickers I will w*** for 2 or 3 hours smelling them my o****** are so good because of the smelly pants my s**** flys all over the place and leaks out of me for a further 20 mins, Janets dirty knickers really stink and I love them. Jan will spank me then put dirty smelly knickers on my head and w*** me.

  • Hi I don't know if you live in the UK. But if you do I would Lovett buy your knickers. The going rate for wet used panties is ten pounds . But cos your fifteen you would get more from any man. I would pay fifteen pounds xxx

  • Hiya,
    well i understand what your saying , but im not old or sick, i just find it very sexy, some people sniff paint cans some cocan, or nail polish remover,most girls said they would be flatterd, i mean i love licking p**** i love the tast of girls, so wheres the harm, if they leave there panties for us to see and there not in the room, then im not hurting anyone, and the smell of a pair of knickers after a long day at school or work is just so damm sexy i love it, my ex girl friend got me into this she would make me lay on the bed when she came home from work and sit on my face and rub up and down on my nose and mouth untill she came , or hold her used knickers under my nose while she sucked on my c***, when you are older you may find out what power you and your p**** will have over men, please dont be mad at me, you girls are just so damm sexy , ,xx

  • If i found a perv like you, near my daughter you would be wearing your balks as a bobble hat

  • Hi my name is Steve my wife is Janet Mullady she as a lovely big bottom, her knickers are smelly and pee stained in the gusset every day at bedtime she gives them to me so I can put them on my head and smell there stink, they smell of her f**** mixed with her pee and sweat god do they stink. She will then w*** me for a hour until I explode all over he, me and Janet love it

  • My daughters friend gives me her dirty knickers I love them

  • Fish, man!!!!!!!!!!

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