Too old

None of my friends no but my dad still spanks me even though I'm still a teenager. Yesterday my best friend almost caught me in a lie, and now I think he might know. I couldn't sit still in math cuz my ass hurt real bad. And my teacher asked me to sit still. And I told him I can't cuz I fell down the stairs and landed on my ass. Then at lunch my other friend asked why I wasn't sitting down to eat and I said cuz my brother and I got into a fight and I bruised my tailbone. My best friend opened his mouth and said what about math? But I just ignored him.

I'm too old, and it's dumb anyways. I don't even cry unless it really hurts. And I'm never really sorry. Last time I got you know what, bad. It was when my dad got my grades for the end if the year and he like spanked me so hard. For everything under an A I got 12, and if it was less then a C I had to take it bare and with his belt. Like he told me that before the year started but like he never did it before but he was p***** cuz I failed a class the year before. But I got an A in gym, and like English. I got an 89 in spanish so he let that ine go. But in math and science I got a D and I failed art because its f****** stupid. And my math teachers was a b**** and like science is just too hard and like the teacher wouldn't let me turn in any late homework. So she didn't like me cuz I know she f****** let other people do it.

So cuz of my retarted teachers I got 36. And like I swear I like almost bruised. So it he he hits me again I'm going to call social services cuz last time when I called the cops they said he had a right to do that. And I know that's not true, cuz you can't hit someone and get away with it, even if its like a spanking. I just want to like flip him over my knee and spank him until he screams and cry and begs for me to stop an then I won't and he'll have to promise to never do it again.

He doesn't do it like a lot like maybe 4 or 5 times a year but still like rape or murder it doesn't matter how many times you do it one is bad enough.

Next time I swear I'm going to spank myself harder with like my grandmas brush afterwards until I bleed and like threaten to call social workers on him.

Nov 29, 2012

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  • Oh, c'mon... You sound like a whiney little wus. You need to start acting like a big boy and take your spankings like a big boy!

    When I was a teenager, my daddy still spanked me with a leather strap. And yes, it was on the bare. He'd served in the U.S. Marines and had arms bigger than a python. Talk about tough? He served in Vietnam and had his guts blown up and half hanging out, and if it weren't for his buddies, he'd never have made it out alive. He spent 3 months in the hospital. So my spankings were nothing compared with what he went through. In fact, I'm thankful for the discipline.

    So you need to stop acting like a big baby and start acting like a big boy.

  • It's like he is really really mad at you. But school is so hard, oh boo hoo.

    Grow up and stop making excuses for your failures.

  • Spanking until you're hurt, bleeding or leaving welts is a form of abuse. You're not a little child and it's inappropriate punishment (even for a small child). He's not teaching you a lesson, it's intimidation. If he wants you to do well or better in school it would be far beneficial for him to hire a tutor instead of threatening you. There's going to come a time where you're going to get too big for him and you will fight back. Have you ever said to him, if you hit me again I will call the cops or report you to CPS? And if the cops come, say you want to press charges for child endangerment or battery or assault. They'll have to do a report and investigate him. Does he only do this when your grades come? Or any chance he can? Not saying your father hitting you is okay, but if he's actually investigated or hauled off to jail be prepared for many things to change in your home. Have you ever just had a conversation with him and your mom and come up more effective ways to teach you lessons? or even encourage you to work harder in school? like taking away a privelege? Where's your mom?

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