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I was 13 years old when my 16 year old cousin Lilian shoved her hand down the front of my pants. I was so scared about my aunt catching her forcing my pants down I didn't do anything that would attacked her attention. I was so a shamed about her seeing my p**** getting stiff in front of her I just froze with embarrassment. She was telling me she would never tell anyone as she pulled my for skin back asking me if I liked it. I was so grossed out when she put in her mouth. I was so freaked out I never reached the point of coming. I just wanted to pull my pants up before her mother showed up.

Feb 18

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  • An older relative did that to me. I can't even remember how old I was, very young because when she put my hand down her pants I thought her pubic hair was some animal so I would quickly pull my hand out. She put my hand back down and I would pull back because I was scared of her pubic hair, didn't know what it was. Ladies, don't do that to little boys, it was scary. But the next day I did wanted to see her naked. So ladies, let little boys see you naked instead of sexually molesting them.

  • The same thing happened to me! I was 12 and my cousin Annie was 14.She had just finially made her First Holy Communion with the 2nd graders that sunday morning and looked like a little girl in her poofy communion dress and veil with her lace socks and white mary jane shoes.After her party was over,our parents went to the hospital to visit a relative.Annie came onto me,she put her hand down my pants and started playing with my p****,then she took my hand and put it under her dress on her crotch and she had her cloth first communion diaper and plastic pants on,and told me to rub her crotch! I got very hard from her playing with my p**** and feeling her diaper and plastic pants under her dress.After a few minutes,she took my p**** out of my pants,got on her knees and sucked it for several minutes!

  • Any regrets and is she still around ?

  • Sounds like rape

  • Don't you know that only women can be the victims of that? Ask any contemporary progressive feminist...

  • Weird reply

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